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Pay to Play (P2P) games are slowly fading away...

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the ones that are still out there or are come out have to be extremely well made, or have a strong following. Many games that started out as a P2P game have had to switch to Free to Play (F2P) or subscription free. in order to survive.

So what do you actually get with P2P games? You may be asking your self are they really worth it? How much do I have to pay? Are there other games that are just as good or maybe better that I don't have to pay for?

Let's first go over what you actually get with pay to play games.

The first thing you actually will notice that you get is constant new content. All this means is they will continuously be updating the game, think of this as new stuff in the game at all times. This also means that you will have many patches in the game, which will most likely interrupt your game play.

Live in game-masters, also known as GM's. These are players that are paid to settle problems, such as bugs, harassment, glitches, and random problems. They do not give tips or tricks on how to beat the game.

Is it really worth it? For many players, it is. For others it is not. There are many, many of the games out there that are just as good that are free to play. The choice really is up to you should always test out the game to see if it is worth your money, your time and space on your computer.

As for the cost of P2P games they vary in cost. The average cost is $15 a month. With the ability to pay for 3 months, 6 months, or year at lower rates. This of course does not include the purchase of the actual game, which often comes with a 30 day subscription, after which you must pay to play.

So what can you expect from a pay to play game. Since there are many games out there, we can actually look at some of these games and see what we can expect.

We can use, World of Warcraft and Rift as examples of P2P.

Graphics - the graphics in these games will be extraordinary and often times very smooth looking. First, let's take a look at World of Warcraft, at first look this game comes off as a bit cartoonish. Though if you continue to look at the graphics you will notice that it is a very smooth and unique look. You'll find no harsh edges anywhere. No blocky looking graphics, even on computers with the very basic requirements to play the game.

Ease of controls – you will find these games have very easy controls. They will also have easy to understand abilities such as spells and attacks.

Lots to Do – these games have a lot to do, such as quests, dungeons, PVP, and even crafting. You will find lots of side games, festivals of all types throughout the year. This is where Rift really shines with dungeons, quests, and a very new type of quest called a dynamic event. There's plenty to do.

Problems with pay to play

As you can see there are a lot of reasons to go with a P2P game. At the same time. There are several reasons why not to go with a P2P game.

The first and most obvious reason is a Monthly Fees, wise and they expect us to pay every month after we have bought the game. Not only do they do that but they also limits us with what we can do with the items that we receive in game. You can't buy or sell gold, virtual items, or even offer power leveling services for real-life cash. Were paying for the game every month. Yet we are limited to what were allowed to do.

Down Times – down times are when you are not able to play the game due to maintenance, patch days, or any other reasons they may have. You do not receive this time back, even though you have paid for it.

While this part may seem that I'm coming down hard on pay to play games, I am not. I'm just stating the facts that they have created for themselves. There are many great P2P games, and there will be many more, is really up to the player to decide whether or not a game is worth paying month-to-month.

Once added one really good reason to buy a P2P game. What you think about your entertainment. Do you go to the movies? How much does it cost you, $7.50 maybe more especially if it's 3-D, and if you buy popcorn, soda, maybe not just promises that up to your easily paying over $20 for one show. Now multiply that by per person you are now well over the cost of one pay to play game.

Now let's look at the time, one movie equals two hours of entertainment for $7.50 plus all the extras. $15 for a P2P for a month thats, 48hours for a buck. So as you can see a pay to play has real value. As far as entertainment goes.

Some Great Pay to Play Games

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World of Warcraft or better known WoW. This P2P game is played by millions of players. While the graphics may be a bit cartoonish the gameplay is excellent. The PVP is fairly good, but not the best. This game has many quests, dungeons, PVP and PVE aspects in the game. It has several expansions, several races and professions to choose from. If you are new to MMORPG's this game is a fairly good choice to start with. It has several base professions that are easy to play.

There are also several guides such as Zygor's Dailies & Events Guide and Dugi's World of Warcraft Guide that can help you level quickly and learn to play the game. There are also guides such as Hit Gold Cap that can show you how to make a bunch of gold in the game quickly.

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