The Paladin of World of Warcraft

The World of Warcraft Paladin Is one of the easiest played chars in the game yet never be mastered. This is a great class if your new to WoW or to a Massive Online Game (mog). Reason this class is great for new players is that it gives u some great ability's right off and doesn't overwhelm a new player with figuring out a bunch of attacks and spells like other classes. It slowly works the amount of spells and attacks and buffs in as you level giving you time to learn what each does.

Also this class starts off with the ability to wear mail giving it plenty of protection right from the beginning, A heal spell to heal yourself with as well as a buff to make you even stronger.

The Paladin

There are 3 talents that this class can pull from.

Retribution (ret) - This talent line is used to to deal damage, while pallys may not have the best damage per second (dps) in the game they can do some really good damage This line is normally used to help increase the damage of a tank.

Holy - The Pally's healing line while not super great at healing multiple players at one time, they do have the best single target heals in the game so you will often see them tank healing.

Protection (prot) - These are fearless, or possibly fool hardy players that go this line are Tanks. They take a beating and keep on ticking. The skills found here are about keeping you and others alive and keeping the mobs focused on you.

Each of these talents can be pulled from or if you want you can just specialize all in one your choice.

The races you can choose from Are

Alliance - Humans, Dwarfs, Draenei

Horde - Blood Elfs, Tauren (soon to be in cataclysm)

The Blood Elf - While many will choose them for they way they look I like them for there racial traits. Specially The Arcane Torrent not only does it help keep the mob from casting but it give back mana when you need it.

Arcane Torrent An Area of Effect (AoE) that silences foes around you, also restores some of your mana.

Magic Resistance Spells dont hit you as often.

Draenei - You want heals they got heals with one extra heal from your racial trait and its even a hot you will be one of the best healers around..

Gift of the Naaru A heal over time (HoT) spell that can be used on yourself or others. Having a extra heal is always good.

Heroic Presence Increases the chance to hit for everyone in your party.

Human - This is the race most think of when you think Paladin. While others like the exotic skills of other races humans have some pretty nice racial's as well that work quite well with what a Pally needs.

Perception Your able to detect stealth a little easier so things that are invisible may be spotted a bit sooner.

Every Man for Himself One of the best racial's in the game allows you to remove impairing effect, Not just on your self but anyone that is grouped or raiding with you. Screen Shot of a Human paladin from World of Warcraft, WoW

There are 3 types of Paladins

Retribution Is the Damage per Second (Dps) type. You will discover that you can even tank a little at least in the lower levels using a ret spec. This should be known, that a pallys dps will almost never be as high as most of the other classes that also dps.

protection (prot) Tanking and practically nothing else. You hit things, things try to hit you. That's the jest of a protection spec. Your goal is to take as little damage while keeping the Monsters (mobs) on you.

Holy If healing is more your style then a pally is great for that too. You wont be asked to heal a raid but you will be asked to heal the tank in the raid. Holy spec pallys are some of the best single target healers in the game .

Weapons and Armor

You can wear ANY armor. So that means Plate so you don't get hurt as much. Also get to use a shield for even more protection.

Weapons is really a matter of preference.

One handed Axes - While often used for chopping wood, it was discovered that a axe makes a good weapon as well. used mainly by melee classes for Dps and tanking.

Two Handed Axes - Larger and slower but gives you more bang for your buck. here again used by melee classes for Dps and Tanking.

One handed Mace - A mace is a hammer of sorts used to well shmush a foe. Hammers will be geared to all sorts of classes healing, casting, even melee.

Two Handed Mace - Bigger, meaner, heavier version of the one handed. Most of these are geared for tanking and dps.

Pole Arm - A very long weapon, used to do lots of damage mainly for tanks.

One handed Sword - Longer than a dagger these weapons are used by by many though mostly Dps and Tanks there are some Swords that are caster based.

Two Handed Sword - While you need 2 hands to even hold this sword in most cases you soon discover that many foes will fall from this deadly weapon. Used by Dps and Tanks.

Reasons to Play a Paladin

You are highly wanted so its not normally to hard to find a group especially if you heal or tank .

Soloing is easy and quick. Even in the lower levels, its a great beginner character.

Bubble Hearth, This is the greatest escape tool EVER.

The Bad Side of Being a Paladin

They have no real ranged attacks that do great damage.

Their armor costs a lot to repair

And worst of all you cant stop people from running away.


If new definitely look into Using a Paladin as your starter character.

Heals and tanks are always needed so choosing one of these will get you grouping sooner and faster.

Take your time deciding your race, the racial traits can be very helpful depending on your play style.

As Always
Play The Game Your Way

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