Online Safety For Kids
22 Tips

Online Safety For Kids is no game, There are those out there that don't care about the game but what it gives them access too. Information, this is gotten easily becuase the gamer is thinking about the game, not what they are talking about. Because of this information is given out quite easily.

The questions are not all asked at once either, they are asked over time. A lot of information could be gathered this way and used to harm you, or your account.

Then there are those that want to harm your computer with viruses wurms and all sorts of nasty things. These people are just plain mean.

I realize that all this sounds bad but I want to remind you that most of the time this is not the case its just a few bad apples that spoil it for the rest of us. This being the case using some basic safety can help keep you, your computer, and your gaming accounts safe.

Online Safety For Kids

This section is to help keep children safe heck it will keep adults safe too if they use these tips. So I want parents to really speak to there children on this, and for you kids reading this take this very seriously, I know several players who have lost there gaming accounts because they didn't follow a few basic safety tips.

  • Never give out personal information, like your real name, location, school, phone number, gender or age. Also never send pictures of your self to other people you meet online or were they can find it if there is a picture of you online.
  • Never share your password with anyone except your parents. You do not want someone else using it to get you in trouble. The game company's can not tell if its you or someone else on you accounts so they may ban you from playing even if it was a friend playing.
  • Tell your parents if someone does, says or talks about something on the Internet that makes you uncomfortable, or if they ask you for personal information.Which you won't give out because your smarter than that.
  • Choose a gamer tag or user name that does not reflect your real identity but does/can reflect your personality . Avoid names that are in any way suggestive, mean, rude, improper,lewd, or include any information about you even if they seem innocent to you.
  • Avoid chat rooms that are not monitored by moderators. Most online games have moderators but they can not catch everything, remember games have often over thousands of players on at a time.
  • Parents on keeping your kids safe

    Yes you too have a job to do becuase not only do you need to help keep your kids safe but also keep your computer safe while there on it. So here a few safety tips for you for when they are on the computer.

    • Keep your computer in a open location in your home that you pass by often and and know of other computers that they may be using.
    • Make guidelines for computer. Post these rules by the computer as a reminder.
    • Use the Internet with your children. Get to know your kids online activities, habits and talk to your child about what programs, games, and sites they are visiting or using.
    • Use the parental control tools that are provided by some Internet Service Providers (ISP). If they do not there are many that are available for buy. Just because you buy or use one of these does not mean its perfect and is not a substitute for you as a parent (besides many kids as they get older learn how to get around some of these programs. Some internet browsers will allow you to restrict certian types of sites from being viewed, and you can protect these settings with a password. To find those options, click Tools on your menu bar, select Internet Options, choose the Content tab, and click the Enable button under Content Adviser.
    • Consider software that allows you to monitor your children's email and web traffic. I know this may seem like a breach of privacy but in order to keep them safe it might be a good thing. you could have it set up for when and if you think something is wrong. Not as a spying tool
    • Create separate accounts one for each person in the family. Many operating systems (Windows XP, Mac OS X, and Linux) give you this option. This is especially important if you have important files and information that you need and are worried that they may get accidentally accessed, modified, or deleted. This also allows you to set up the amount of access and number of privileges they have.
    • Know who your children's online friends are. This is very important especially in the gaming world, many adults play games, and some do not care if there are children in the chat and may talk about adult topics. If your child has been invited to a guild or a clan in the game find out what there rules are on the guild chats are, Many will have rules posted on a site or a guild forums some where. You may need to supervise their chat areas as well.
    • Tell your kids to never to give out any personal information to people they meet online whether its in a chat room, forum, or a game.
    • Cyber crimes are a very serious and knowing what to do can help if you know a child is in immediate danger call the police. Report instances of online child exploitation to the Exploited Children's Cyber Tipline.
    • Let your child know that they can talk to you about computer stuff the problems they may be having with people on line, even if they know more about the computer than you. You however can help advise them on the interaction part with other players.
    • Know the game ratings, read the privacy policy, and rules of conduct. Make sure your child understand the rules as well.
    • Check out the games your kid plays and who they are playing with. I know that this may been repeated but this is important. You may want to let the Guild leader know if you child joins a guild or a clan in a game that they are a child that way they can decide whether or not to allow him in based on their rules.
    • Know the games chat filter, A chat filter can limit what can by eliminating or changing words to not allowing some people to be heard on the game.
    • Ventrilo (or vent), Team Speak (TS) or any other Voice Chat

      These nifty and handy things make the game a lot more fun but also make it a bit more dangerous. The danger here is that players can tell the gender, possibly the age of the user, and its easier to slip up and give out personal info this way. So a few safety tips on this.

    • This is not recommended for young children, or for kids who like to talk a lot. Many game systems allow voice chatting, the computer versions require a download normally.
    • Choose appropriate Gamer tags or screen names. These names need to follow the rules of the game site. These names should not reveal any personal information. We went over this earlier but its important enough to mention it again.

    • Griefers or for those nongamers, cyberbullies, they are everywhere and in voice chats will try to push your buttons. they can be rude crude and lewd. So make sure your child can deal with them in a way that wont get them in trouble. Griefers will do things on purpose to get a reaction.
    • This last one may drive you a bit crazy but test out the game with the voice chat, maybe even play with them from time to time, this will let you know what is happening in the game, and shows them how to deal with other players properly.

    One last thing to mention here which may or may not effect your child's gaming if you use a filter but if allowing them to use a voice chat they may hear cursing from time to time. This normally happens in a exciting moment or a moment of frustration.

    Most gamers will not even realize they have done it or heard it because they are involved in the game, wanting to win, or whatever. There are those I mentioned before normally called griefers that do this to cause a reaction, they think its fun.

    I want to point this out because not every gamer means to do this most of the time a gamer is to busy playing to realize what he or she has said. So cut the true gamers a bit of slack, and you will be able to tell who they are by what they do and say compared to Griefers.

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