What is a Online Gamer?

What is a Online Gamer? An online gamer is a person...

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who loves to play games online.

Remember to find the style that will give you the most enjoyment in the game. So many forget about this and start doing things they do not enjoy, then soon the game becomes the grind.

So if you enjoy leveling a billion toons to level 10 then starting another do so. Having fun is what your playing the game for.

There are many types of gamers. The most common gamers are:

Green Man Gaming - Load, Play, Trade !

The Power Gamer - These players are hard core and can seem to be jerks at times

The Casual Gamer - Most common type of gamer there to have FuN

The Farmer - These are the suppliers in the game You need something these guys will either have it or will get it.

The PvP Gamer - These Players Have one thing in mind and one thing only and that is kicking other players tails.

The PvE Gamer - The masters of Quests and knowledge of all things in game.

The Crafter - Need it made? Weapons, Armor, or whatever find a crafter for the best stuff.

The Raid Leader - They lead other players to victory in the hardest of dungeons, quests, and PvP Keep Storming.

Adult Gamer - Games are not just for kids.

There are many more than these so keep a eye on the blog to see when we add more, or check back for new ones.

Gamers are not just one of the above, they may identify with one more than another, but gamers are normally two or more of them. I myself have been each of the above at least once, and still fall into them once in a while.

I think it is also important for gamers to realize that there are some common since things we can do to make the game more enjoyable for all. Gamer Manners is what I'm talking about, check it out.

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