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Addicted To Online Gaming

Do you have a online addiction? Can't walk away from the game? Does it pain you not to log in as soon as possible? Does your family think you have a problem? If any of this sounds familiar then it may be time to re-evaluate your gaming or the amount of time you spend in front of that monitor.

So what is a addiction? It is an obsession, compulsion, or physical dependence or psychological dependence on something. Such as drugs or gaming.

So why are online games addictive?

The reward systems of the games is one explain why they are addictive . I believe that the online addiction to computer games can and are created by psychological problems such as, antisocial disorders, depression, and fear. This may also explain why many gamers and people who are addicted to games want a way to escape real life and that they can re-create themselves in an online game and live their life through that character. The addiction starts because the person finds that they like the game life more than real life due to new friends and power, and refuse to step away from it.

Before we go any further I think we should decide if you have a online addiction or not. Though cutting back on gaming is always a good thing if its being a problem in other parts of your life.

Addicted or Not

First thing you need to do is be totally honest with yourself when answering the following.

The Questions

1) Do you think about being online, or the game all the time?

2) If you had the choice of being online or doing something with family and friends which do you choose more often?

3) Do you feel like you have to be on the game?

4) Do you get upset if something disrupts you being online? or stops you from getting on?

5) Do you feel like you have an addiction?

6) Do you get anxious if you cant play? Do you get pains if you don't get online?

7) Do you have many of the following symptoms?

Possible symptoms of an online game addiction. Even though I separated them into 2 sections they may be some that overlap.


  • Most of your non-school hours are spent on the computer or playing video games
  • Falling asleep at school
  • Not keeping up with or doing school work
  • The rapid decrease in grades a A student becoming a C or D student in a semester
  • Lying about how much time they spend online
  • Would rather play online, than hang out with friends
  • Stop doing things that they loved to do in real life
  • Mood changes, angry, sad, upset when not online or can't get online

  • Online use is followed by intense feelings of pleasure and guilt
  • Constantly thinking about being on online, even when not connected
  • Being online for so many hours that it is hurting family, social or even work life
  • Lying about online use
  • Feelings of withdrawal, anger, or depression when you cant be online
  • May have large bills for on-line services
  • Can't control online use
  • Fantasy life online replaces real life

There are even physical symptoms that may point to an online addiction:

  • Pain in the wrists or carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Lack of sleep or waking up often thinking about being online
  • Pain such as back and neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Your eyes are dry, burn, or hurt
  • Not eating regularly
  • Not taking care of yourself

For the online person, the online has replaced the real world. This online reality is more fun than the real world of family, school or work.

So are you ? Do you want help? If you do click on Game Addiction Help

Be totally honest with your self That Is Truly The First Step to....
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