Nundu Bay
Fighting off Nightmares

Few basics about Nundu Bay

When I speak of bonus I am talking about masters bonus which is harder of the two to get. Bonus's are Masters (hardest), Expert (moderate).

Suggested Hero's and Henchmen to Bring: this will be what I have found most effective, and will take it as if you have all the hero's.

General Tips

Set all hero's to the shield (defense) that way they do not attack unless they are attacked or you attack. I like to set my healing hero's to passive so they don't attack just heal.

Leet Skills to be Captured

Monk lvl 28 Priest Zein Zuu - Spell Breaker
Paragon lvl 28 Commander Chutal - Anthem of Guidance
Elementalist lvl 28 Scribe Wensal - Invoke Lightning
Dervish lvl 28 Zealot Sheoli - Arcane Zeal

Nundu Bay

Hero's Needed for you party - Melonni

Defeat the Harbingers of Nightfall . Do added tasks.

Defeat the 2 additional Harbingers

Suggested Hero's and Henchmen to Bring

Melonni - because she is needed.
Necro - Hero
Monk -Hero

Two monks, warrior, fire elementalist

Walk Through

Melonni is having nightmares about nightfall happening in her village and now you get to defend it. there is 2 parts to this mission first part is defending the village the 2nd is going out and defeating the Harbinger of Nightfall.

Defending the village, this is another wave after wave after wave.Getting started first thing you will do is speak with Elder Jonah and get the vial of purified holy water which is the only thing that will make Harbinger's vulnerable to attacks.

Before talking to Elder Jonah go and clear the mobs all the way to the Harbringer of Nightfall, the waves of mobs will not happen till you speak with Elder Jonah. You just need to wait for the dialog to end so you can leave the village.

Moment you have spoken to Elder Jonah the waves of Margonite mobs will start attacking from one of 3 openings.Each wave has at least 1 boss that will end it. The first wave ends with a monk boss After defeating him a Harbinger of Twilight will attack.

2nd wave ends with 2 bosses a paragon and a elementalist, after these have been defeated another Harbinger of Twilight will attack.

3rd and last wave ends with a dervish boss after he is defeated you can leave the village and head off to defeat the Harbinger of Nightfall. There are several groups between where he is and you, he is not connected with any group so you can pull freely.

Harbinger of Nightfall is defeated same way you defeated all the other Harbinger's.

Getting The Bonus

The bonus is pretty easy if you pull the mobs out of the fort and run if the Harbingers of Twilight come with them. Once all the mobs around the Harbingers of Twilight are defeated pull him next. Do the same thing with the 2nd one.

Playing in Hard Mode

Same strategy, just A bit harder.

Guild wars Nundu Bay mission map

Nundu Bay Tips

Pulling and flagging of your hero's and henchmen is key.

Definitely go out and defeat the mobs going to the Harbingers of Nightfall before talking to the Elder Jonah.

Take your time and do not rush remember 4 bosses (dervish being the last one) before you leave the village.

Lightbringer Title buff is handy here even if its Level 1 use it.

Nundu Bay Hero Builds

Tweek the builds to what skills you have but try to keep the concept of the build intact.


An guild wars Dervish Build

Avatar of Balthazar, Heart of Holy Flame, Chilling Victory, Mystic Sweep, Mystic Regeneration, Zealous Renewal, Mystic Vigor, Faithful Intervention

Concept This is a basic dervish build, while using holy damage.


An guild wars monk heal Build

Signet of Devotion, Signet or Rejuvenation, Orison of Healing, Words of Comfort, Watchful Healing, Cure Hex, Light of Deliverance, Resurrection Chant

Concept This is just your basic heal monk, healing is the priority here. Make sure this monk is on passive.


An guild wars necromancer Minion Master Build

Animate Shambling Horror, Animate Bone Horror, Animate Flesh Golem, Death Nova, Patient Spirit,Signet of Rejuvenation, Feast for the Dead, Resurrection Chant

Concept This can be any Minion Master Build this is just one of several I use.

As Always
Play The Game Your Way

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