Norn :
Spirit Guided Hunters

The Norn are a race of hunters that commune with the Spirits...
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of the Wild. These spirits grant extraordinary ability's to these amazing warriors. The bear grants strength, the raven wisdom, the wolf ferocity, and the leopard cunning. The spirits also give them the ability to shape-shift into the animal each represents.

It is rare to see a large group of these hunters together, unless its at a party or hunting a foe that is extremely dangerous.

Playing this Race

I enjoyed this race (played one in the beta). The males of this race looked like they where all over muscled, Remember this was beta and possibly all choices where not in yet. The females where fine. Also something I did find funny was you can make them as short as a regular human.

The story line on this one for me was actually getting to be really good (remember story line is based on choices), When I switched to a different profession. I do believe this race will be a favorite among the gamers who play.

There are 3 main questions that will affect your story.

1. What is the most important quality of a great hero.
2. What happened at a recent celebratory moot in Hoelbrak.
3. which of the four main Spirits of the Wild offered its guardianship.

Racial Skills

Utility skills

Call Owl: Call upon an owl to attack and bleed your foe. Costs 7 Skill points.

Call Wurm: Summon a wurm to fight for you. Costs 7 Skill points.

Elite Skills

Bear Form: Shape-shift into bear form. Costs 11 Skill points.

Raven Form: Shape-shift into raven form. Costs 11 Skill points.

Snow Leopard Form: Shape-shift into snow leopard form. Costs 11 Skill points.

Wolf Form: Shape-shift into wolf form. Costs 11 Skill points.

Remember all that is found here may change since all of this is still based on beta game play.

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