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What is Normal Mode? It is the way the game is played the first time, once you have beaten the game and are at level 20 you gain access to Hard Mode.

Guild Wars normal mode farming is a way to get the items you may want by defeating mobs. It is also a way of making Guild Wars money or Gold. Farming is best done when you are alone or have just one other person or NPC with you. There are two types of farming theories Quality and Quantity. In Guild Wars There are two ways to farm, the first is in Normal Mode, the second is Hard Mode.

All characters can farm in normal mode. It is just how you go about doing it, Knowing your characters strengths and weaknesses.

I will be going over farming gold in the quantity theory in solo Normal Mode. Going Duo in normal mode just is not worth it. The reason for this is the gold drops are much smaller and the item drops are not worth as much.

In other games you can defeat a mob then in a few seconds to a couple minutes another one appears. In Guild Wars you play in instants, which is your own personal area for playing the game.

A few basic things to know before starting your build are:

  • The Area

    - What type and how many mobs are in the area.

  • The Farm Path

    - The best way to farm the area for the best profit.

  • Farming in normal mode in the game guild wars your bond to find interesting mobs. Guild wars is a mmorpg.

  • The Mobs

    - You need to know how they react e.g: if you attack one will it run till more come or will it attack you. Also how they attack and what skills they will use.

  • Time Spent

    - This is the amount of time you want to spend on a farming run.

  • Hard Mode or Normal Mode
  • - Depending on which of these you decide will determine on how difficult your fights will be and in some cases will change the mob skills. Hard mode - gives you more money but the mobs are much more difficult to beat in many cases. Normal mode on the other hand, the mobs don’t drop as much gold at one time but are easier to defeat.

  • Level 20

    - If you want to be the most effective at farming, level 20 is the level to be.

Solo Farming Normal Mode in Guild Wars

The solo farm is not always easy especially finding the right build to do your farming with.

I would like to tell you there is one build that works for all farms out there, but if I did I would be lying to you.

So lets go over the basic building techniques.

Solo Normal Mode

You will see a lot of builds using a technique called 55, what this means is you get your health points down to 55 hit points. You then use specific skills to keep you alive while only allowing a maximum of 5 damage. I personally don’t like this technique. My reasons for this are simple, first if you get any lag you probably wont survive. Second is if mobs all strike you at once, happens but not often, can defeat you. Another is not all classes can use this build.

Let us begin with the Normal Mode farming. Any and all professions can farm in this with good success. With the proper planing you will be rolling in gold very soon.

The Basics for Normal Mode Farming

You can only have 8 skills so the ones you bring need to be able to heal you, prevent damage, and do lots of damage, and hit multiple enemies at once.

Armor: you will want the max armor possible for protection.

Weapon: If you can specialize in a weapon great if not that is ok also.

The first order is to figure out what your going to need to farm in normal mode. I suggest staying in areas that have no enchantment removing mobs if your going to be using enchantments, also mobs that just physically attack you are preferable.

Area: Guild Wars Prophecies - Griffons Mouth you can get to this area from Kryta or Beacons.The reason I chose this spot for our build is there are a lot of snow ettins in this area, these mobs use no magic and they stack well.

The snow ettin mobs are a level 11 mob in normal mode.

I'm going to be using a level 20 for the normal mode farm build. The profession I'm going to use is a Necromancer with a secondary in Warrior so N/W. The farm path for this is very simple it just clear the area were the ettins are, which are the only mobs you will be fighting. There is one ettin I suggest you skip, it is the warrior boss ettin he has a heal signet so he takes a bit longer to beat. Remember we want to defeat the mobs fast.

In all this should take no more than 15 minutes once you get to the spot, per run through the area. You will want to do several runs to maximize your profits before you go sell.

The Skills

Lets go over the defensive skills first we don’t want the mobs hitting us too much. Even though they are lower level if to many hit you for to long they will defeat you.

Skill 1 - Disciplined Stance gives you a 75% chance to block +24 armor ends if you use an adrin skill.

Skill 2 - Defensive Stance gives you a 75% chance to block +24 armor, ends if you use a skill.

Skill 3 - Bonetti's Defense gives you a 75% chance to block for each block you gain 5 energy, ends if you use a skill

Skill 4 - Gladiator's Defense gives you a 75% chance to block, when blocked the mob takes damage.

The skills above are the defensive skills for this build. They stop most of the damage that will be caused and Gladiator's Defense will do a lot of damage to the mobs making the fights quicker. Why four defensive skills? The reason for this is they are all stances and end fairly quickly. We want to be able to keep up the Defense as long as possible as soon as one drops you should be able to use another.

Damage skills

Skill 1 - Cyclone Axe it attacks all enemies adjacent to you.Skill 2 - Mark of Pain you cast a spell on one mob then when ever you physically hit it you do damage to mobs adjacent to it

The skills Above allow you to defeat multiple mobs at once

Skill 3 - Life Siphon, you cast this spell on a mob and his hit points start to drain away while yours start to regen and keep you alive

Other skills

Skill Option 1 - Whirlwind Attack attacks all enemies adjacent to you.Skill Option 2 - Dwarven Stability, makes stances last longerSkill Option 3 - Healing Signet, heals for X amount -40 armor

For our example build we will go with the Heal Signet. It will be used when you need that boost of hit points.

After you have your bar set with the skills its time to figure in the Attribute points. For this build the points were placed in Blood Magic to get it to 6, Soul Reaping to 4, Curses to 9, Axe Mastery to 6,and Tactics to 12. This is before any modifiers you have on your armor.

The placing of the attribute points and why we put them were we did.

Ok first thing here we did not put points in any attribute we are not using, if you do your just wasting points.

Each attribute either helps with a skill or does something useful for us:

Blood magic - We put 6 points into this skill to make Life Siphon much more powerful. It will drain the Hp from the mobs much longer and for more health at a time while giving it to you.

Soul Reaping - We put 4 in this attribute not because we have a skill that goes with it, but rather what it does for us. As a Necromancer this attribute gives us power back every time a foe is defeated.

Curses - 9 Points in this one is because of the spell Mark of Pain. Once you cast this one the mob you be hurting all the mobs around that one when you hit it. 9 points makes this spell very potent.

Axe Mastery - The 6 points in this is just so we can get the most out of the axe and it increase the damage of Cyclone Axe.

Tactics - Wow 12 attribute points in this one. Most of your damage will come from this line from Gladiator's Defense, and all your defenses are in this line. this is the line that will help keep you alive.

The armor build.Max armor is the best for this build nothing fancy unless your really into the leet armor.

For this build I would suggest the following:

Head - Rune of major soul reaping this rune gives you +2 in soul reaping though there is the cost of 35 hp being lost it is well worth it because it increase that attribute making it stronger. Stalwart insignia gives you +10 to armor.

Chest - Rune of superior vigor increase your hit points by 30, this is very hard to come by and very expensive so if you can get the 41 or 30 hit point one that would be good as well. Radiant insignia gives you 3 more magic points because we put it on the chest.

Arms - Rune of minor blood magic increase the blood magic attribute making it stronger. Survivor insignia do to the placement of this one you only get 5 more hit points but hey 5 more is better than none.

Legs - Rune of vitae give you 10 more hit points. Survivor insignia The placement of this insignia gives you 10 more hit points.

Feet - Rune of attunement give you 2 more magic points. Sentry's insignia Gives you 10 more armor when in a stance, good thing we got 4 stances in our build .

The Weapon build

The weapon you will want to be using is a axe req 6 for the maximum damage. If you can craft this weapon I would suggest this

Inscription: I have the power it gives you 5 more energy.

Hafts: furious axe haft which gives a chance of 10% for double the adrin when you hit a mob, or sundering axe haft which allows for 20% more armor penetration. I myself would go with the sundering, like being able to do a little more damage when I hit.

Grips: axe grip of fortitude it gives you 30 more hit points. If you cant get that one any one that gives you hit points will be good.

(template code: OAFVQMDdSpV5QpBoNWiu8Nr4FA)

The template code can be put onto your character if you have all the skills by: Hitting K to bring up the skills, then clicking on the blue disk under your character's picture, go to template, then type in the code were it says template code, Exactly as shown, then once it pops up save. You then can load it to your character. The skills you do not have wont show up on your bar. Special note here, in order for you to get this template your character will need to be able to become N/W or it wont show up.

The weapon you will want to use is an axe with a req of 6. So you can get the most damage out of it. Any thing higher than that and it halves the max damage you can do.

Weapon requirements are what is needed to reach the maximum damage if you do not reach the requirement then the weapon is less effective by half.

Armor, as said before make sure it’s the best you can have, or as Guild Wars players call it Max Armor.

Way it Works

The object is to Defeat as many mobs as you can at once. I suggest you start with 1 group at a time until you get used to how the build works. A group is 2-5 mobs and they will all attack at the same time when you aggro them.

To aggro the mobs you can do it in one of two ways. The first is called pulling. Pulling is when you attack the mob from range and then have the mob come to you.

The second is what I call the bubble pull, on your compass you can see the red dots that represent the mobs. What you do is get your bubble just slightly on the mob and they will attack.

The Steps for Normal Mode Farming

  • First - Aggro the mobs to you using pulling or bubble techniques.
  • Second - Use a Stance (that is the 4 defensive skills) as soon as the mobs are close enough to hit you.
  • Third - You then should start attacking with your Axe with normal swings
  • Fourth - Use Life Siphon to help keep your energy up
  • Lastly - Use Mark of Pain

  • Repeat skills that drop when a mob is defeated or as needed

During this fight you need to watch when the stance's drop, when one does use another and be careful not to use a skill that will make the stance your using drop. Also watch your hit points use the Heal Signet when you need Hit points, I suggest just when your just a little under 50% health. Do this with each fight you do, don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right off , Practice is the key.

When you go to other farms take your time and find out the information then create your normal mode build. It takes time to get it right but once you do the gold and drops will start coming in.

As always

Play the Game Your Way


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