NightFall Missions Walkthroughs

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The Missions you find here will be talking and showing you how to complete each mission. This particular page is for the Nightfall game of Guild Wars.

The Missions found here are the ones you need to do for the Hall of Monuments (HoM).

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The Nightfall Missions

1.Chahbek Village - This one is easy to do so no need for a walk-though, for those looking for the village from other campaigns for the title's you go through the Kamadan to get there by going to Churrhir Fields. There is a small island surrounded by water with bridges. The town is in this area.

2.Jokanur Diggings - this mission can be difficult in hard mode if you are not prepared.

3.Blacktide Den - be careful it is easy to get yourself into a jam by aggroing extra mobs.

4.Consulate Docks - in this mission take your time and relax if you don't you may find your self in a jam.

5.Venta Cemetery - this mission avoid rushing the towers or you may find your self fighting more than what you thought.

6.Kodnonur Crossroads - A mission in which collecting keys will allow you to gain a few allies.

7.Rilohn Refuge - If you Choose Masters of Whispers
Or Choose
7.Pogahn passage - If you Choose Margrid the Sly

8.Moddok Crevice - A not so secret passage.

9.Tihark Orchard - Time to PARTY!!

10.Dzagonur Bastion - If you picked Masters of Whispers
Or Depending on who you Picked
10.Dasha Vestibule - If you picked Margrid the Sly

11.Grand Court of Sebelkeh

12.Nundu Bay - Listened to Melonni (easier than listening to Koss)Or Depending on who you Picked
12.Jennur's Horde - Listened to Koss

13.Gate of Desolation - Wurm riding

14.Ruins of Morah - The 2 sides of Varesh and neither are pleasant.

15.Gate of Pain - NPC's are just dying to leave.

16.Gate of Madness - A decision a mortal makes.

17.Abaddon's Gate - Fighting a god

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