Mystery Case Files
Can You Find the Hidden Objects in Time?

This review is on Mystery Case Files: Huntsville

Before we get going lets go over my rating system and a little about the reviewer(s) for the game.

The Rating System

Defeated - In My opinion this was Horrible, worse than eating 14 day old donuts.

1xp - 4xp = sub par games

5xp - this is average

6xp - 8xp - better than average in my opinion

9xp - a near perfect but something is holding it back

Leveled - this is so close to perfect or is perfect in my opinion

* Easy to play - What this is if you can just pick up the game and play with little or no guide needed

* Easy to learn - This is usually were a game can lose a player and then you spend some time figuring it out.

* Age - Recommended age for the game, I will put the game rating here then my opinion as well.

* Fun - This is how fun the game was to them, If the game isn't fun why play it?

* Variety / Attention holding - This is important to have options maybe its different levels , many games who know but if its the same thing over and over it will get boring.

* My opinion - this is the reviewers final thoughts on the game and the final Over all rating

Ok now the Reviewers

Online Gamer Richie - Hard Core Gamer with a passion for games. Favorite games mmorpg's, and casual puzzle games, and anything strategic like chess. Not a big sports game fan, or one for splattering of blood and guts. Big on game play, Love graphics but if it hurts the game play forget it. Like games with a good plot.

Mystery Case Files the game

You play as a Detective of a small town solving things that the other cops can't. Why because you have a keen eye for finding the hidden objects (the clues) in very unorganized places (almost like my room). Good thing because the places are just that where you find the clues. Once you have found enough clues you go back and rearrange the puzzle to see the picture and know who done it.

System Requirements:OS: Windows 2000/XP/VistaCPU: 600 MhzRAM: 128 MBDirectX: 6.0Hard Drive: 41 MB

It is available on the Mac as well.


If you like finding things this game has plenty of hidden objects to find from bells and hammer to animals and fruit. The areas you go looking for the items in are amazingly nice, search carefully because you could be looking for the item and not even realize it. The game gives you 3 free finds basically after that your out of luck till the next level. Also once you found the clues you have to rearrange the scrambled picture to know who done it and why.

The Major plus for this game is just about anyone in the family can play this game.The designers of this game made everything pretty easy to learn and do. It's all point and click. Once you find the object it will leave the picture.

Couple neat things: The Areas

There are several different areas each with its own unique look, you may switch between the areas that are involved in the case so sometimes you may have 2 areas other times 3 or more.

-Online Gamer Richie-

* Easy to play - Mystery Case Files is definitely easy to play its all point and click finding the objects on the other hand is not as easy as it sounds. Rating - 8xp

* Easy to learn - Yep this it was as well no manual needed to play it find the hidden object and click it. Rating - 9xp

* Age - This really isn't a rating but just about any age could play this game it is however very tough to find the objects and sometimes the object is what it says it is but not in the way young children will think. so I say 10+

* Fun - The game is cool I did like it. you can play and leave come back and continue on your search which really helps when your brain is not working after about 30 min of staring going where is it. Rating - 6xp

* Variety / Attention holding - Variety is where this falls flat. The different areas are cool but there not much else to do other than find the objects and then do the puzzle in a set amount of time. Rating - 6xp

* My opinion - I like Mystery Case Files: Huntsville, I do think they could have added a couple small mini side games to this so you could take a break from the search but other than that great game. Rating - 8xp

Mystery Case Files Tips

Find as many as you can in a room then switch to another room.

If you are freezing up pause or leave the game come back a bit later with fresh eyes.

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