Mox Quest Tips

First thing is to get M.O.X. and the Mox Quest. (article continues below)
Doing this is easy enough he hangs out side of Kamadan, Lions Arch, and Kaineng Center, all you have to do is talk to him. Their is however requirements to be able to get him.

1st one is you need all 3 campaigns they are Guild Wars Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall, all on one account.The 2nd one is you need to be level 10 when you speak with him.

Mox is a Dervish Primary

Mox mission A.K.A. Zinn's Task

The reward for them is 10k, 10 Automaton Summoning Stones, 10 Sinister Automatonics, and 50k exp

To start the Mox Quest double click the book, then talk to Zinn, then leave unless you want to go through the Mox Quest tutorial.

Deactivating ROX- Make sure to send the 5 npc to a shrine and have them pray this will give you a little help for the waves of robots that are about to attack.I found this one to be the easiest of the 3 missions. 2 good heal monks and 1 aoe character and what ever else you want should handle this easily. (no need for MOX to be grouped) (no minion master they worthless here) (Prophecies campaign)

Deactivating POX - This one is real easy as well. I suggest you bring a minion master for most of this one is fighting your way to POX. And all the mobs to him are perfect for the mm. I found that degens and conditions are useless on Pox but he is alone so the fight is easy but takes a while. (Spoil Victor is handy here as well is Pain Inverter) He uses several attacks the 1 of them is a aoe (he stops moving to use this one) the 2nd one gives him 75hp back when he hits.(No need for MOX to be grouped) (Factions campaign)

Deactivating Nox - This one is the hardest of the 3 once again no mm's (Minion Masters) they have nothing to make pets from continuously. First part you have to keep the prince alive as well fight NOX who calls down more robots (these don't move but some have aoe and some have range) the fight can gets to be a real pain once again degens and conditions little or no effects. Spoil the victor and pain inverter once again very handy here.(No need for MOX to be grouped) (Nightfall campaign)

Zinn is in the falls area in Tyria (Prophecies campaign) at the first water fall. click on the falls. Mox should be in group and with the person who clicks on the water fall.

Walk Through's

Mox Quest to- Deactivating ROX Mission -

Salma must survive, Defeat R.O.X.

Location of Mox Quest
Temple of the Ages, speak to Salma (Prophecies campaign)

Once the quest begins you have a few moments to talk to the acolytes to go pray for you group. what this does is gives you some buffs that will help you through the wave after wave fight you are about to be in. As long as the acolyte is alive and praying you keep the buff of that god. The more acolytes at a shrine praying to that god the better the buff will be.

The Buffs

Pray to Balthazar, for strength! - Battle Fervor - you attack 10% to 26% faster.

Pray to Dwayna, for protection! - Cloak of Faith - you have +10 to +26 armor.

Pray to Grenth, for power! - Dark Aura - you steal 5 to 9 Health whenever you hit with an attack.

Pray to Lyssa, for inspiration! - Chaotic Power - you have +10 to +26 maximum Energy.

Pray to Melandru, for vitality! - Strength of the Oak - you have +50 to +90 maximum Health.

Depending on what your group make up is depends on what buffs you will want.

Aoe (area of effect) spells are very handy here since they hit multiple mobs at once and the robots will bunch up.

The last wave will have Rox in it. There isn't much That can be said for this mission it is straight forward, Do not use a Minion Master for there really are no body's for them to be created from.

The majority of the fighting will be done on the center. Sometimes the robots will go after the acolytes so you will want to keep a eye on that.

Mox Quest to - Deactivating POX -

Defeat P.O.X.

Location of Mox Quest
Marketplace, speak to Guardsman Makuruyo

This quest is easy mainly because the jade brotherhood fight along side you because you are disguised as them. Once again this is a wave after wave fight, though in this one its easy enough, Also a Minion master makes the first part a breeze, the fight with Pox though makes the Minion Master basically a lame duck, so I suggest a single skill Spoil Victor at max attribute if you can, along with most of your Minion Master skills.

The one spot you may find a bit of trouble is when you see 2 boss characters one is Jade the other Am Fah, as you approach lot of the green dots will change to red, if you defeat the boss Am Fah character as fast as possible it makes this fight easier.

Once you reach Pox he will become hostile along with any Jade Brotherhood characters Pox in general is a melee mob with high damage attacks. The worst attack he has is Reactor Blast this attack is deadly its aoe and causes burning, Its a slow attack and can be interrupted but is difficult to do so. Also he does not move when using this attack.

You may want hex removing skills when fighting Pox to remove Target Acquisition which causes many conditions when it ends so removing it before that happens is a good idea.

P.O.X. Map

Mox Quest to - Deactivating NOX -

Defeat N.O.X., Defend Prince Bokka.

Location of Mox Quest
Speak to Attendant to the Prince in Resplendent Makuun.

This is the most difficult of the 3 deactivation quest's, and the only one were I suggest bringing a friend along to help. Not that I don't think you should bring a buddy on quests or missions, but this one is done much easier if you do have a buddy.

You will discover Prince Bokka running around the room moments after you enter he needs to survive to complete this quest, after a few minutes he gets smart and runs out of the theater but till then he needs to survive, while you keep him alive you need to be hurting Nox. this is a difficult task since he has little bots dropping in to help fight, or make him more powerful. This is were a buddy comes in handy while you and others fight Nox and protect Prince Bokka your buddy can take out the little robots.

Couple strategy's here:

Use Pain Inverter on N.O.X.'s target and don't bother to defeat the little bit robots. What this will do is make Nox hurt himself quickly, also the skill Intensity can be used to make Pain inverter more powerful.

Another strategy is to bring a ranger with Broad Head Arrow and high marksmanship, and a character with Spoil Victor skill. Flag all your hero's and henchmen in one spot and let them fight N.O.X., while the player runs around to defeat as many Bit Golems as possible. Once Nox starts destroying his bots, the player can join back in on the fight with Nox

Once Nox's HP gets low enough the little robots will start exploding be careful of this.

N.O.X. map

Mox Quest to - Zinn's secret lair -

This is just a fight there or a run depending on how you want to do it. If you going to run the runner needs to bring M.O.X., who ever touch's the water fall needs to be the one with Mox.

Zinns map

Quick MOX Quest tips

If you can bring a Friend or guild mate do it the missions are easier with a 2nd live person.

Bring a Minion Master for P.O.X. mission and Zinn's (If fighting way their) other wise skip them, the missions don't have enough live foes to turn into the minions.

Make sure all hero's are on Defense (the shield) That way they do not run off and aggro extra foes.

As Always

Play The Game Your Way


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