Moddok Crevice
A Secret Passage?

Few basics about Moddok Crevice...
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When I speak of bonus I am talking about masters bonus which is harder of the two to get. Bonus's are Masters (hardest), Expert (moderate).

Suggested Hero's and Henchmen to Bring: this will be what I have found most effective, and will take it as if you have all the hero's.

General Tips for Moddok Crevice

Set all hero's to the shield (defense) that way they do not attack unless they are attacked or you attack. I like to set my healing hero's to passive so they don't attack just heal.

Leet Skills to be Captured

Warrior lvl 24 Ranshek, Carrion Eater - CleaveMonk lvl 24 Kehmak the Tranquil - Light of DeliveranceParagon lvl 24 Yakun Trueshot - Cruel Spear

Moddok Crevice

Hero's Needed for you party - Dunkoro

Moddok Crevice Objective'sEscape through Bahdok Caverns get to Vabbi. Do added tasks.

BONUS Follow Dunkoro's Advice

Suggested Hero's and Henchmen to Bring

Dunkoro - because he is needed.
Elementalist - Hero
Monk -Hero

monk, Derv, mesmer, fire elementalist

Moddok Crevice Walk Through

You start of this mission by seeing a bunch of Npc just hanging out once u gte close Captain Bohseda starts talking to you saying that he there to help you. Dunkoro doesn't believe him neither should you, its a trap. Once you let him know you don't believe him he turns hostile and attack you (if u believed him he takes you to a area where he gains more reinforcements to attack you).

Once you have defeated this badly laid out plan you will make your way through the cavern following Dunkoro's advice. You know you are at the end of the mission when you see the Hunger and General Bayel in the cutscene defeat them. The easiest way to do this is run so you are under the bowman and stop they cant fire through the rock bridge they are on, and defeat Bayle first then handle The Hunger.

Getting The Bonus For Moddok Crevice

3 of the 4 advice's is easy to do the last one is not if you are not ready for it.

You will know when he is advising when he says things. All advice spots are shown on map.

Advice 1 - I don't like the look of this passage. There are no tracks going in or out. It looks like the corsairs avoid it completely. Perhaps we should learn from them and not travel that way.

When this is said just walk back the way you came Do not kill any bug boss. Make sure you trigger this advice it is easy enough to skip it but sometimes you will get credit other times you don't if you skip by it.

Advice 2 - Wait a second. Notice how the path here is worn? See those footprints in the mud over there? It looks like a patrol comes through here on a fairly regular basis. Perhaps we should conceal ourselves. I spotted a waterfall to the west that should drown out any noise we make nicely.

If your following the map you will see the water fall and strait ahead will be the hill that triggers this. so clear out the mobs in this area a bit then Flag your hero's and henchmen by the water fall and head to hill until the advice is triggered then head on back, some mobs will be headed down wait a min or too and you can avoid this fight completely (after credit is given on this one if you get in the fight your still OK)

Advice 3 - Corsair camps! There. To the west. Our best plan is to stay close to the eastern wall here and head north around the camps. If we're careful, we should be able to avoid them. Proceed cautiously.

Off too the west or left on the screen is a camp of corsair mobs you will fail this if you get to close its best to stick close to the right hand wall and you will be fine.

Advice 4 - We've got to get past that camp. But look. You see those two corsair runners? Their job is to alert the other camps of any trouble. If they get away from us, they'll surely bring back reinforcements.

This is the trickiest of them all especially if you are solo UNLESS you do a couple things. Now you will see the runners long before they see you, also they don't run till Dunkoro says his advice. So you have plenty of time to get to them. In normal mode this isn't to bad Hard mode its a pain, but either way this makes it easier.

Their are a group of bug to the west of one of the runners that he will run into, when this happens often the hero's and henchmen start fighting those and often this fighting allows one or both to get away, because the other one runs straight up or north from his start point. Both of them have run skills so they are FAST.

So to handle this you will want to clear out the bugs you will need a spell that can cast through a wall I like Sniper Support ( gives you that chance to defeat one mob instantly) flag your hero's a little ways back so not to accidentally trigger the advice. Edge your way up pull the bugs back to your group if you do this right you can clear out the bugs with no problem.

2nd part of this strategy is to have a hero with slow spells and you yourself with a slow spell and a knock down skill ( will mention witch ones in a minute)

Make sure you target the closest runner and attack then you use your slow spell on the other runner and turn back to the first one defeat that one as fast as possible. The knock down is handy as a back up if looks like you need a extra second to defeat the runners also the knock down I suggest does decent damage against The Hunger.

Playing Moddok Crevice in Hard Mode

Mobs are harder here so take your time its all the same strategy as above but Strongly suggest you defeat the bugs before attempting the 4th advice.

I suggest you the player have with you Binding Chains and You Move Like A Dwarf (the higher the norn title here the better)

Target your hero's so they attack the one runner first before the switch over to the other one that you have slowed down.

Map to the Moddok Crevice mission

Moddok Crevice Tips

Pulling and flagging of your hero's and henchmen is key.

I suggest you the player have with you Binding Chains and You Move Like A Dwarf (the higher the norn title here the better)

Relax you may attempt this several times before getting it perfect, so if frustration sets in Stop playing this mission come back to it later.

The Hero Builds

Tweek the builds to what skills you have but try to keep the concept of the build intact.


Heal monk build pic

Signet of Devotion, Signet or Rejuvenation, Orison of Healing, Words of Comfort, Watchful Healing, Cure Hex, Light of Deliverance, Resurrection Chant

Concept This is just your basic heal monk, healing is the priority here. Make sure this monk is on passive.


Minnion healer build monk version

Animate Bone Minions, Animate Shambling Horror, Signet of Devotion, Signet or Rejuvenation, Orison of Healing, Heal Party, Glimmer of Light, Resurrection Chant

Concept One of my favorite builds, I call it The Minion Healer. This healer not only heals but can help by making minions.


Meteor Shower, Fire Storm, Rodgort's Invocation, Breath of Fire, Master of Magic, Deep Freeze, Frozen Burst, Resurrection Chant.

Concept This Build was created specifically for this mission.

Want to mention one last thing about Moddok Crevice, at the runners it may take several attempts to get it Right, and it can become very frustrating. If this happens remember it is just a game. Think of it as a great way to farm. Just relax and try again later.

As Always
Play the Game Your Way

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