Mmorpg means Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

There are many different mmorpg's, Guild Wars (one of my favorites), and World of Warcraft, to name a couple.

They range from Sci-fi to Medieval, and even Cartoon kids games.

Some online games are small, where you host the game and invite friends to play, like Diablo or Starcraft. Most tho are massive, like I said before thousands play. These games are hosted by the game company.

Some massive multiplayer online role playing game or mmorpg's, for short. Require a monthly fee after buying the game, BUMMER! There are some that don’t, like Guild Wars, it is one massive multiplayer online game that doesn’t have monthly fees, which is one reason I like this game.

Some of the mmorpg games are totally free and can be found on the internet and downloaded for free, and don’t have a monthly fee.I have found that the quality of some of these games is lacking, but others are quite good.

Ok you found the massive multiplayer online game your going to play and like, how do you get started? What do you do once in the game ? Stop right there. Lets start with the steps.

  • Create your character, also known as an avatar. There are four basic types, and depending on the game many off-shoots, the four basic characters are The Healer, The Tank, The Rouge, and The Caster.
  • Go through the tutorial, I always tell this to new players, even if you have played mmorpg's before, and are coming from another game. I do this every time I make a new character. the reason I do this is the tutorial is a way to get used to your character and get some easy experience points.
Once you have gone through the tutorial,
  • Find low level quests, or fight mobs, which is short for monsters, to level your self up.
As you level you will learn how to play your character and what works and don’t. I never suggest letting your self get power leveled, unless you have been playing the game a while and have at lest 2 or 3 characters that you have leveled the non power leveled way.

OK time to make some money, gold, Gil or whatever the game has for buying stuff.

  • Farming is defeating mobs for gold
  • Selling is well selling stuff that drops from mobs or crafting
  • Services this can be from power leveling players, to running them to places they cant get to normally, or helping them get certain things that they have a hard time getting.
Now that you have some money from farming some mobs time to go buy armor and weapons. you may start off with a basic weapon and armor but as you probably have learned already they are not that good.
  • Buying your armor is really easy find a merchant or a player who is selling it and if u can buy it do so
  • Buying your weapon is the same as armor.
Ohhh make sure your character can use it, some armor and weapons some characters can not use.

Its time to take a break you probably been playing for hours, and haven’t even realized it. Its always a time for a break when;

  • Frustration starts getting to you.
  • You are not having fun.
  • Your so mad that you are yelling at the monitor.
  • You been on for 2 hours or more.
You know you, so when things get to a point, that you going to lose it. STOP and take a break.

Remember mmorpg's are supposed to be fun.

WB (means welcome back) so did you get a snack grab a soda or drink of your choice? Good so lets continue playing.Wait, you did do all your homework? Chores? Everything else you had to do right? Ok cool lets go play.

Your character is now doing fairly well buying new armor and weapons as you need them. Leveling pretty well and making the money, ohhh the nice clinks of gold coins in your pocket. Well virtual clinks. This takes us to a very important point some of the mmorpg's do not allow you to buy or sell in game gold online, while others will. You need to read the agreement to find out. That also goes for in game stuff like weapons and items.

If you haven’t started grouping by now you should. This is the fun part making new friends. after a while they may invite you to join there guild. guilds are were a bunch of friends or like minded people who join together to play the game. there many reasons to join a guild

  • can get help easier
  • almost always can get a group
  • pvp
  • someone to talk to while playing the game
Ok by now I'm sure you been hearing talk about huge battles between players, and how this player A killed Player B and that fight was crazy. There are basically 2 games in mmorpg's.

  • PvE or player vs environment which is you fighting monsters.
  • PvP or player vs player which is you vs another live player or many of them.
When you are ready go try it but be a very high Level or at lest for the area you can pvp in. some games have lower area pvp for people .

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