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What is the misc stuff page? Its the page that has everything that is necessary to the site, but has little to do with games in any way. So were does that need to go but right here on this page. Think of this page as rare item and you will see that its exactly that. The stuff found on this page you will find extremely useful.

Creating a Website - Simple way to create a website.

About Me - This page is about me.

Contact Us - Have a question? Have a comment? that's what this page is for.

Resources - This page gives links to other sites that you may find interesting.

Game'N Your Way Store - This store is powered by Amazon.com

Blog'N Your Way - The blog for this site.

Sitemap - This will let you find just about anything on the site.

Privacy Policy - This is the privacy Policy for the site.

Donation - Want to help support better playing? Read more here.

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