Massive Multiplayer Online Games

First what are massive multiplayer online games? MMOG's are...

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a community of many players. Over thousands of people play online games a each day. The players may be playing the game or just chatting with friends.

With a large amount of people playing, a language will be discovered by new players, this is known as Gamer Talk. As you read you may come across some of the gamer talk words like

  • Boss - a mob that is stronger and usually guarding something good, and needs to be defeated to continue on with the quest
  • mmorpg - short hand for massive multiplayer online role playing game
  • noob or newbie - used to say your new. Some players may use this term as a insult.

There are many more terms and they are not scary and are easy to learn.

Strategies and having fun are what mmorpg's are all about, especially the fun part. If you ever hear someone say something you don’t understand just ask gamers are helpful most of the time.

Get your gamer gear at!

A few things you might like to know about playing a multiplayer online games are;

How to Level - The basics to leveling in massive multiplayer online games

Choosing Your Skills/Abilitys - Basic tips to choosing skills for your Play Style

Farming Gold (basicly making In-game Money) - Need IN-game money try this page

  • Character Creation - Everyone who plays creates a character, get a jump on basics
  • General info -Lots of basic information to MMOG's

    Building Guilds - Createing a guild is not as easy as everyone thinks

    Running for in game gold -Just another way to earn In-game money

    Picking a Game World or Server -Don't pick any server or world, the right one can make the game fun or frustrating.

    Mmorpg's are time consuming, so be ready to set aside at least one hour to play, for anything other than,leveling and farming. Online game players are all different and have different ideas on how to play the game. Power gamers, casual gamers, farmers, and even crafter’s, are part of the game and are all needed. But always remember we are all here to have


    As Always
    Play The Game Your Way

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