LotRO Minstrel a jack of trades

What is a LotRO Minstrel? This is one of the more interesting characters to play in the game. You are a special type of character you heal, you cast and fight but none of these is overly powerful. Yet you can hold your own.

Lets start with some basics which races can be a minstrel.Hobbits, elf, man, and dwarf so in other words all of them.

The reason for this is all races like to sing songs and tell tales of battles and heroics.

Each race has its own pluses and negatives to being a LotRO Minstrel.

Hobbits - are not as good with a sword as the other races because not as strong, they however make up this with some resistances to fear and shadow, and have a few more hit points. making them take a few more hits before falling in a fight.

Elf's - Don't regenerate hp or mana as fast as the other races, tho they do have the best ability for dodging attacks and they dont miss often.

Man - men start with less power so less casting , they however hit harder and regen hp and mana pretty well, best part you get a bonus when healing your self.

Dwarf- lots of hp and hit like rocks the major down fall here is they do not avoid attacks well and they are a bit slower regening power and health.

So which one is the best? All of them are great minstrels pick the one that fits your play style. For my play style Man was the choice for me.

Just be sure to train often as you can the skills you gain will make things easier.

Minstrels are perfect fighters for a 1 on 1 encounter more than 2 mobs will cause you some problems if they are your level or higher. With healing and near instant casting spell attacks you will see why.

As Always

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