LotRO Captain tank that never fights alone

What is a LotRO Captain? It is a hybrid tank, while doing decent damage, this tank does not do the best damage with swords, while also being able to heal others once again not the best. You have the ability to inspire others in your group to fight harder and while you do that also the ability to strike fear in foes. The other thing is even if you cant find a group you don't have to fight alone after level 10 when you can summon a herald.

Lets start with some basics which races can be a captain.

Only one choice here and that is men

Each race has its own pluses and negatives to being a LotRO Captain.

Man - Since this is your only choice there really is no comparing it to another race just remember that man has fewer hit points and less power than other races and you will need to keep a eye on that..

So which one is the best? Ummm I think Man is the best for this one LoL since its your only choice

So why should you be a Captain? First is the herald that you get at level 10, this guy will fight for you as well as give a nice bonus to you and your party. There are several different heralds to choice from as you level up.

Also you have many shouts that not only help you and your party but also effect mobs you are fighting this is a great advantage when in a fight, The one big disadvantage is fighting multiple mobs while it is possible any more than 2 even with the herald out is going to be a real pain.

Just be sure to train often as you can, the skills you gain will make things easier.

As Always

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