LotRO Burglar A riddle master
Trickster and so much more.

What is a LotRO Burglar? I bet you are thinking thief and you be wrong, for thief's are up to no good a burglar is more of a trickster still uses some of the skills a thief would, but these fine fellows are on your side.

Lets start with some basics which races can be a burglar.Hobbits, and men are the only ones who can be burglars. Dwarfs are to noisy and elf's think its below them.

Each race has its own pluses and negatives to being a LotRO Burglar.

Hobbits - hobbits have some great pluses in this area, one they are more resistant, to many types of damage, they have more hit points, they also regain power and health faster, they however don't do as much damage and don't avoid as often. Since they are short they are slightly harder to spot as well in PvP.

Man - men do more damage, and avoid attacks better than a hobbit, but have less hit points and power than hobbits.

So which one is the best? Either of them are great burglars pick the one that fits your play style. For my play style Hobbit was the choice for me. ( ok maybe I just really wanted to be a hobbit like Bilbo Baggins)

So why should you be a LotRO Burglar? I know your thinking stealthers never get groups they are solo class. In LoTRO you be right and wrong at the same time. While they are a solo class they are way cool in a group for there ability's, 1 in particular.

This ability allows them to create fellowship maneuvers at will almost, which is a huge advantage for a group. As well as all there sneaky tricks like debuffs and we cant forget the damage they bring as well from there dual swords.

Just be sure to train often as you can, the skills you gain will make things easier.

Burglars are great fighters for a 1 on 1 encounter especially after you get your dual wield ability more than 2 mobs may cause you some problems if they are your level or higher. That is of course if they get out of you crowd control skills.

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