Game / Computer Lag the Bane of Gamers

What is computer or game Lag? It truly is the bane of any gamer who has experienced it. What it is is the sudden slowing down of information then catching back up. This can cause very bad things to happen. One such thing is if it happens that you can lose your connection.

Also strange things might happen like a thing called rubber banding, this is were you continue moving as if nothing has happened then suddenly you are shot back to where you just were this is a type of lag. So what can you do about this? Can you stop it before it happens? Yes you can or use these tips when you start noticing these things to lessen there effect.

Tip 1

Lag can be caused if your PC doesn't have the requirements to play the games or if it does but just barely.

Problem with just barely having the requirements is that if you get on and more players get on than normal that day or, your connection is slower that day or half a dozen other thing your going to lag. so how do you fix this one? Make sure your computer is above the requirements needed.

Tip 2

Lower your graphic setting on the game, If you want the fastest possible connection to the game shut off all the pretty things like shadows , reflective water things like that. Since the game wont have to render this it can spend time on other things.

Tip 3

Better Graphics Card(s)! This can help tremendously especially if it has designated memory on it. If you card has memory on it it frees up your computer to do other things that will help reduce the lag. But before you go running out to buy a new card make sure you know how to install it properly yourself or have a professional do it.

Also making sure its compatible with your motherboard is a must. But before you go do this wait for the next tip who knows it may solve your problem.

Tip 4

Did you know that your connection can cause issues. Like Dial up is the worst for this, or having a low speed connection DSL, Yes I realize that the faster the speed the more it costs but for gaming faster is better, Tho I should warn you that if your computer isn't up to reading the information at the faster speeds then it is worthless.

So Getting a good average speed is fine for most games anyways but Hard core gamers want the best and fastest.

For wireless users the farther away from your router your computer is the higher the chance for lag. Things can get in the way of the signals and slow them down so beware of that.

Tip 5

Add more memory or Ram, Yep more memory the better, add the maximum yours can handle and watch the difference sometimes it is significant. What this does is reads, remembers and stores temporary files and other information then as you play it can bring them back up fast thus cutting lag.

Tip 6

Firewall and virus protection, can slow your game down and cause lag, make sure the game is considered a trusted site this will help but may not solve all the issues. I Do Not suggest shutting off your firewall or virus protection even for the sake of making the game play better. They are there to protect your computer and if you were to get hit by something that shuts down your comp then you wont be worried about slow down issues will you?.

Tip 7

Other programs running in the back ground while you play a game takes some of the resources from the game and will cause the slow down issue. If your like me sometimes you may have a site up looking for a answer to a question, or doing some work while you play the game. I know work and playing the game? Pretty cool huh.

By shutting down all nonessential programs that are running this will redistribute the resources back to the game

Tip 8

Its on the server end, so its not your fault. There will be times when you will playing one day no issues the next day Issues out the wazoo and the very next day after a huge day of lagging nothing for week or months. This was the server this can happen if they are doing in-game maintenance while players are playing, or if a server gets overloaded by players, Think of the holidays or special events (like the Canthan festival in guild wars) when you see more gamers on.

Yep you might have felt it slow down then, so you can see its not always on your end sometimes its there end. worst part is when they get lazy and just add graphics on top of graphics instead of removing the old graphics for the new better look. If they don't your computer is rendering both just you don't see it so its working 2x as hard and this will cause issues.

Tip 9

Start your game with a fresh or clear boot up. What this does is clears the temporary memory for a fresh new game session.

TiP 10

Play the game when its not prime time, There are certain times when the game will be busier than other times, this can vary server to server. By playing when many other players are not on allows resource on your side and the server side to be more easily allocated for you.

Also avoiding certain areas that you know has large amounts of players at as often as you can helps greatly like the auction house in any main city of any game especially in WoW. by only going into these place when you absolutely have to will save you plenty of frustration.

Have some tips for getting rid of this bane of all gamers? Let me know by using the Contact Us Form and letting us know how you deal with it.

As Always
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