Kodnonur Crossroads
The 6th Town Mission

Few basics about Kodnonur Crossroads

When I speak of bonus I am talking about masters bonus which is harder of the two to get. Bonus's are Masters (hardest), Expert (moderate).

Suggested Hero's and Henchmen to Bring: this will be what I have found most effective, and will take it as you have all the hero's.

General Tips

Set all hero's to the shied (defense) that way they do not attack unless they are attacked or you attack. I like to set my healing hero's to passive so they don't attack just heal.

Leet Skills to be Captured

Ranger lvl 24 Veldrunner Centaur (Ally):Smoke Trap (has to be defeated to retrieve this leet)

Monk lvl 24 Taskmaster Sadi-Belai: Zealous Benediction

Necromancer lvl 24 Taskmaster Vanahk: Blood is Power

Dervish lvl 24 Taskmaster Suli: Pious Renewal

Paragon lvl 24 Overseer Boktek: Cautery Signet

Necromancer lvl 24 Overseer Haubeh: Blood is Power

Kodonur Crossroads Mission

Hero's Needed for you party- Zhed Shadowhoof

Kodnonur Crossroads Objective'sRescue Mirza Veldrunner from the Kournans (Its really not the main objective it just happens when you defeat the over seers). Defeat Overseer Boktek and Overseer Haubeh. Open the 6 cells and release the centaurs. Do added tasks.

BONUS Defeat the cruel Taskmasters (Total of 3 of them).

Suggested Hero's and Henchies to Bring

Zhed Shadowhoof - because he is needed.A necromancer / Ritualist (Set up for Minnion Master)-HeroA monk -Hero

-Henchmen-monk, warrior, dervish, fire elementalist

Kodnonur Crossroads Walk Through

Once released from the cell the fun starts. Your main objective hear is to collect 6 cell keys, and open the cells. There are 6 total taskmasters who have the keys and they don't move far from spots shown on the map. I suggest that you get all the keys before you open the cells. Every so often if one of the centaurs dies the main gate will not open and you will have to restart the mission. So gathering all the keys first is the best bet.

Once all of the centaurs are freed you can begin your assault on the fort, You will find that it is well guarded. In Normal Mode Only if you do not open the last cell and head to the fort and have Spells that can be cast through the wall you can wipe out 1 to 2 groups of mobs in the fort.

Once all the centaurs are freed head to the fort the doors will bust open. You can pull the mobs to you (I strongly suggest you do this.) This will make the fight much easier. You must defeat all the groups in the fort plus Boktek and Overseer Haubeh.

Getting The Kodnonur Crossroads Bonus

Clear all mobs around the area before attempting the Hard Mode bonus.

There are 3 Named Taskmasters and the mobs that are with them ( the are elite mobs) that you must defeat in order to get the bonus.

Taskmaster Sadi-Belai - This is a monk boss (in hard mode I suggest you defeat him last while having the 6 centaurs with you making this a easier fight)

Taskmaster Vanahk - Necromancer boss this one should be defeat 2nd in hard mode.

Taskmaster Suli - Dervish boss this will be the first one to defeat in Hard mode

Playing Kodnonur Crossroads in Hard Mode

In hard mode pulling and flagging is key for this mission, also make sure your hero's are all set on defense or passive (if they are healing monks)

When flagging make sure that its far enough away that no other groups will add in and close enough that you can get to your monks to be healed quickly. Suggest you bring a bow for pulling or Sniper Support skill (gwen PvE only skill) if you bring the Sniper Support skill you may luck out and defeat one mob right off.

I found that if you clear all the mobs first before opening the cells it is easier, also defeating the non monk cruel task masters and having the moral boost is very useful for this mission.

It is important also to find the Kournan Priests as fast as possible and defeat them quickly, they do massive heals in Hard Mode. If you find that there are 2 priests in a group spread the damage around while keeping 1-2 hero's focused on the priests.

My fight pattern is healers - casters (which ever one is being a pain the most) - then depending on my group make up ranged or tanks.

In Hard mode when you come to the fort you will need to pull the mobs to you and be careful not to aggro the other groups in the fort if you do run away and try again.

Kodnonur Crossroads Mission Map

Kodnonur Crossroads Tips

Clear out all the mobs in this mission makes things much easier.

Defeating the taskmasters( except the monk one save him for last once you free the centaurs) for the moral bonus before actually going for all the keys makes things much easier (specially in Hard Mode)

Sniper Support skill - has a chance to kill casters and healers in 1 hit so great for pulling

Normal Mode Only - if you do not open the last cell and head to the fort and have Spells that can be cast through the wall you can wipe out 1 to 2 groups of mobs in the fort.

If you are going to capture a skill from either Overseer Boktek or Overseer Haubeh, be sure to defeat the one that one want first and leave one normal mob up if you want both because once both all in fort are defeated a cut scene happens and at that point you can not cap the skill.

The Kodnonur Crossroads Hero Builds

Tweek the builds to what skills you have but try to keep the concept of the build intact.

Zhed Shadowhoof

AOE Elementalist  Build

Breath of Fire, Fire Storm, Fireball, Rodgort's Invocation, Meteor Shower, Master of Magic, Fire Attunement, Resurrection Chant

Concept This is a Aoe Fire build, Great for missions with loads of mobs and most these spells cast through walls. ! caution on this build mobs do run around more to get out of some of the spells so if you tend to be a chaser don't use it, you may aggro more mobs.


heal monk build

Signet of Devotion, Signet or Rejuvenation, Orison of Healing, Words of Comfort, Watchful Healing, Cure Hex, Light of Deliverance, Resurrection Chant

Concept This is just your basic heal monk, healing is the priority here. Make sure this monk is on passive.


Minion Master Necro Build

Animate Shambling Horror, Animate Bone Horror, Animate Flesh Golem, Death Nova, Patient Spirit,Signet of Rejuvenation, Feast for the Dead, Resurrection Chant

Concept This can be any Minion Master Build this is just one of several I use.

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