Justiciar Kasandra wanted for crimes against Tyria

Justiciar Kasandra is one of the top mercenarys of the white mantle. (article continues below)

Salma has asked you to remove this threat by any means necessary. To find Kasandra head to Lions Arch and hop a boat there from Jiaju Tai (she is near the docks) Your headed to D'Alessio Seaboard but can not reach it any other way. This is one of the more difficult bosses do the groups of mobs. Pulling is needed to clear out some of the mobs before taking her on.

Justiciar Kasandra is a dervish Primary and a elementalist SecondaryMarron uses the Leet Skill Zealous Vow

Tips and Notes

Kasandra is one of the bosses you can defeat for the wanted while doing the Temple of Intolerable Quest. Be sure to defeat her before finishing the quest objective otherwise you will be doing the whole thing over.

Many of the white mantle have the ability to rez, stoping this from happening will greatly help.

The mantle mob names can be misleading at times, a example of this are white mantle ritualist's. Often times they are necromancers not ritualists like there name would make you think.

While retreating may seem to be a bit cowardish, it is often advisable to do so if things get out of hand.

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