In Grenths Defense or
We Stole them Fair and Square

To begin In Grenths Defense you will need to Speak with The Rift Warden, once you have the quest... (article continues below)

Click on yes I am ready to be ported to the underworld. This is a wave after wave fight the mobs come one at a time but do come a little faster over time. Once Freezie comes out that ends the quest.

The mobs come from 3 basic areas. That are show on the map. In order to keep up with the spawn rate it is advised to head to the mobs defeat them and repeat.

The Map

A guild wars map to In Grenths Defense a wintersday festival


1) Healing is not going to be a big problem till closer to the end. You should prepare your knock down skill before the next mob comes out (hidden Rock) as well as yellow snow if you have the time

2) Move to the mobs the moment they come out.

3) Finally once you have secured the last of the presents, a avatar shows up and offers you three choices. Two of which are Ports, the other is a chance to do the Bonus quest. Its a survival quest where the mobs come out 1 at a time but come out faster over time.

Good luck and Have fun

As Always
Play The Game Your Way

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