Hearts of the North
A Guild Wars Love Story

The Hearts of the north quests are only available after you finish all of the war in kryta quest's.(article continues below)

These quests finnally tell what all of us already knew, that Gwen was infatuated with Lieutenant Thackeray.

To start the quests, you need to go to the Hall of monuments after you finish the war in Kryta. this will allow you to see the story line, of how Lieutenant Thackeray has gone missing. Then you will be allowed to start looking for clues.

There are 4 clues in all. As you find each one you will return to the hall of monuments and look into the pool. This will start the quests where you play as Lieutenant Thackeray. You are limited to the skills he has, you can not change them in any way. These quests are solo so its just you, well you do get a assassin ally.

As Lieutenant Thackeray will be fighting your way through a lot of white mantle mobs, they tend to be in groups of 2-4 mostly. Be careful of your pulling if others aggro it will make some fights very difficult.

Playing as Keiran Thackeray Tips

Lt. Thackeray starts off with only 6 skill and as you progress through the quests he gains 2 more.

The Skills

1. Keiran's Sniper Shot (red)- This is basically the PvE skill Vanguard Sniper Support, but gets a 100% chance to crit if the mob is marked with death.

2. Grave Stone Marker - Inflicts cripple, and can knock down mobs if they are suffering from weakness.

3. Terminal Velocity - This your interrupt, use it often, It also causes deep wound on on mobs that are bleeding.

4. Rain of arrows - This shot hits 3 mobs at once.

5. Relentless Assault - This skill poisons targets, ans removes conditions from you.

6. Nature's Blessing - This is your Healing skill it also removes a hex. This skill heals you 50hp several times in 10 seconds but will do the same for Allies. So Krytans and Miku can benefit from this. Range to affect allies seems to be shout range.

7. Find Their Weakness! - Allows target Allie to do added damage and deep wound (shout)

8. There's Nothing to Fear - Reduces damage to all allies, once this shout ends it also does a heal. (shout)

The Tips

When ever you play as Lt. Thackeray you need to only worry about one thing, Survival. So run away when things look like there going bad. Miku can be defeated often and will rez after a short period of time.

The second thing you need to be aware of is Miku uses a skill that allows you to 1 shot a mob you will know which mob it is by watching the chat, she says " is marked for death" when this happens the first skill ,Keiran's Sniper Shot (it is red), can be used to defeat that mob in 1 hit. Do this quickly because the marked for death skill she uses, after a few seconds will drop off.

Thackeray does have a interrupt skill, skill 3 Terminal Velocity. Use that skill to interrupt any healers and rezing mobs when you can.

That's basically it other than Take Your Time Do not rush these quests. If you rush it you may find yourself in a situation you where not ready for.

The First Clue in Hearts of the North

The first clue for the Hearts of the North is a embedded arrowhead. The best place to leave from to find this clue is Beetletun, its not to far from there and especially easy since the mobs are several levels lower than you are. So if you want a bit more of a challenge do it in HM.

Map to the Arrowhead for Guild wars quest Hearts of the North

Once you have found the Arrowhead ( Hey! what a great clue to find, since Thackeray is a ranger) Map to The Eye of The North and go speak with Gwen. She will hand you a bow that belongs to Thackery. You must equip the bow to actually play as Thackeray, then go use the pool.

You enter the quest and see a young Assassin (Miku) arguing with some white mantle, of course you cant help but jump in. After a quick chat session the quest really begins.

Auspicious Beginnings

The Quest map to auspicious beginnings a Guild Wars Hearts of the North quest

The Second Clue in Hearts of the North

The second clue for the Hearts of the North is a tarnished emblem. While you can go east from The Wilds, I choose to go from Druids Overlook if you follow the map go threw the portal and just on the other side you will find this clue once again just head back to Hall of Monuments and use the pool and it will start the A Vengeance of Blades.

Map to the tarnished emblem for Guild Wars Hearts of teh North quest

Ok Back to being Thackeray once again use the same tips as described above to complete this section.

Quest Name: A Vengeance of Blades

Map to the quest a vengeance of blades, a Guild wars Hearts of the North Quest

Third Clue in Hearts of the North

The second clue for the Hearts of the North is a Broken sword. The fastest and easiest way to get there is from Ventari's Refuge, following the map it shows its almost on where the words Ettin's Back is. Once you have this clue you guessed it back to Hall of Monuments and the pool, this will start the Shadows in the Jungle.

Map to the broken sword, a guild Wars Hearts of the North quest

Once again you are Thackeray, using the same tips and tricks you used before, but this time once you find the camp you gain 1 new skill, skill 7 Find Their Weakness!, read it and use it. OMG Thackeray is a Ranger/Paragon, Never would have guessed it.

Quest Name: Shadows in the Jungle

The map to the quest shadow in the jungle a Guild Wars Hearts of the North quest

Fourth Clue in Hearts of the North

The Shining Blade Cloak is the clue to start the 4th quest. This clue can be gotten to from either Divinity Coast or Beetletun. Once you have gotten this clue you know the drill back to the Hall of Monuments and to the pool.

map to the shining blade cloak a Guild Wars Hearts of the North Quest

This is your last quest as Thackeray, and wouldn't you know it you gained another paragon skill. This quest you your not gonna be doing much traveling heck you wont be doing to much moving either if you hang out in the spot shown below and attack from there you will be able to help either side with just moving a few steps. The Krytans that will be fighting will rez after a few seconds go by, so do not worry about them. When you can use your healing skills near by them to help out as you can. After the start of this Quest move to the spot shown below. Then move to where the mantle are coming from defeat the majority of the mantle then move to the other side and help there. make sure you hit your number 6 and 8 skill to help keep the krytans up.

If things go really bad head North of the spot shown in the picture and you can then pull up to you as needed.

Once again head to the Hall of Monuments once the quest is finished.

Quest Name: Rise

Map to the quest rise a Guild wars Hearts of the North Quest

Some thing new you get to talk to Gwen HURRAY!!! This time she wants to go with you to meet up with Thackeray so take her.

Thackeray has made it halfway back to the Eye of the North and is very tired its a good thing your gonna show up and head back with him.

Thackeray can be found in Anvil Rock and the easiest place to go from is Ice Tooth Cave. Follow the map below and make Gwen happy.

Quest Name: Reunion

A map to Thackeray a Guild Wars Hearts of the North Quest

After getting Gwen to Thackery go to the Hall of monuments get your reward. Leave and walk in again and well finish this story for a happy ending. (By the way I found it pretty funny too).

That is why this series of quests was called Hearts of the North. Hey any one got a camera its a Kodak Moment.

As Always

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