The Healer
Support for the Team

A healer is is a general term for a support character that keeps there team alive. This class is a vital part of any team, and needs to be played well. Though many players think that playing a this class is easy, it is not. The demands on this class may not be in the fighting of foes but are no less demanding.

Life and Death decisions are what you will be deciding. Who to heal, who to bring back if more than one teammate has fallen, weather its a good idea to run then come back and rez your fallen teammates or to stay and fight it out, to heal or fight.

This support class has to make these decisions in split seconds and hope they chose the right one. Take this example your part of a team, full group or 8 players, you are a monk, your mending skills are great. Your team runs into a group of mobs.Things are going pretty well when you notice that your magic power is running low. This is when decisions have to be made.Who needs to be The priority for your skills, The tank who is at 30% of his life of the caster who has 50% but you know if he gets hit one more time may fall in battle, but the tank has 3 mobs on him and if he falls then that's 3 more mobs the rest of the group will have to deal with and they may not be ready for that. Or should you run and come back and rez the group?These decisions need to come fast, if you don't make them then the group may be lost.If you cant make a decision don't play this type of character.

This is my favorite class to play whether its a monk, a cleric, friar, druid, or any other name that they have come up with It is still a healer. I love making my builds were I can mend the damage and protect my teammates and help in a fight with damage spells or fighting. I especially like making mine to fight up close just to scare the tanks.

I would like to remind all those who play this class, that your main job is to keep the team alive. Every thing else is secondary.

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Basic Gamer Talk

 Mobs - monsters you fight

 Aoe - Area of effect

 Pbaoe - Point blank area  of effect

 U - This is simply You

  Npc - Non player  character

 Dmg - This is Damage

  Leet - This is when  something is really good

 Magic - This is what  allows you to cast spells

 Mana - This is also magic

 Power - another word for  magic

 Regen - This refers to  regeneration

 Squishy - characters that  take a lot of damage

 Rez - means resurrection

 Melee - Close range  combat

 Noob/newbie - Usually  talking about a new  person

 MT - Means wrong chat  miss tell

 LC/LD - Mean lost  Connection