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The Hamil interview is my first interview, The reason I picked him for the first interview was that he was a writer that plays games. He has a interesting story about his life that you can find at ( I will have a link to his site at the end of the interview).

Hamil is his gamer tag, He is a self published author, and health expert. and a experienced Guild Wars ranger

He is 31+ in age and is a gamer, one of the finest I have had the honor of playing with.

ok lets begin:

1) What do you think makes a true gamer?

I don't think there's a "true" anything, let alone true gamer, but to answer it directly: a gamer is a person who spends a lot of time playing games; any kind of games it doesn't necessarily have to be video games. a true video gamer is someone who talks about the game he/she plays, promotes it without realizing it and loves it, goes to video gaming cons etc. But, not LIVE or die by it, like some people do. that would be obsessive compulsive irrational behavior :).

2) What Online games do you play? and which is your favorite and why?

I used to play World of Warcraft or WoW, but quit because a) a player harassed me constantly about portaling them, b) the game overseers were dorks, taking his side and not mine, nor even hearing my side. c) and who the heck wants to pay for a subscription fee anyway? d) the grinding was so boring, waiting for spawning took forever.... so, I was introduced to Guild Wars by a WoW friend, and hooked ever since...but if they ever started to force us to pay....I'd quit to.there was this British online game called Terris, my first online gaming experience--this was pre-graphics era...and it was ok.

3) Do you have any tips for gamers or ever gotten any that you would like to share?

yes, I have been forced to Solo the last few months due to a various number of reasons. When I first started as a "noob" people were friendlier towards me and very helpful. yes, soloing is a choice as well; but I found that many players have gotten to become too much like WoW players...and that disappoints me.I don't like PUGs (pick up groups) in general because a) they never have a plan b) they never agree on anything c) they squabble over crap d) they are always looking for specific characters to join parties [ie monks, usrans etc]...When I PUG, on very rare occasions, I never consider what kind of character type I need; I just want good players. a good player is someone who knows how to use his or her skills right. They do their part, and don't complain when things don't go right. Remember, this is a FREE GAME, don't get too upset about losing the fight or blame others when things go "wrong". Just try again and have fun, pete's sake. pick players because they need to complete something just like you do.

4) What do you think makes a great gamer?

I guess my above answer ties to this as well, but I can expand. This is totally biased, of course, but I dislike the specialized skills like Ursans, Pain Inverter etc. Although I admittedly, use "Pain Inverter" and "Ebon" skills way too often to even remember the other ones! A good player is one who cooperates with others, or not rushes through the battle, occasionally will pause for others who need to break. Also remember, not all computers and hookups are created equal, some lag is worse than others! A good player is someone who can work with most, if not all types of characters and players, even the whiny ones.A good player is a good teammate, one who provides moral support as well as combat support; someone who doesn't criticize for a bad play...everyone makes mistakes! most of all a good player is someone who remember this as a game, not life or death.

5) Anything you think that is important for a gamer to know?

This is a pretty broad question, but hmm... Get to know the person behind the character, if he/she allows it. Realize there's a human behind the screen, heck, you may actually get along with that person. Once you realize there's a person, you realize they have their needs and weaknesses as well as strengths. It's NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD!! but, most people are here to "relax", but dare I say it, maybe even socialize?always be polite, though I sometimes fail at this as well. Never denigrate a player in front of them, though it's ok to warn your friends about immature and poor players.

6) What was your best gaming day? and worst?

I'll "give the bad news first" lol. anyway, my worst day is when someone blames me for party wipe, or tells me I suck as a player. I normally joke about that, since I know it doesn't matter, but if I'm having a bad REAL LIFE day, it affects my game play. The worst is also when lag interferes during a great gaming session, ruins it for me and my friends.oops, that is a two part answer :).

The best gaming day? when I beat a mission with "bonus" single-handedly during the worst lag; or when a PUG actually works well. Either one isn't too bad.

Specific Questions:

A) Does gaming ever influence your writing ? Ever meet a person who you thought would just be a neat character from a game? or something like that.

short answer yes and maybe.I played Dungeons and Dragons as a kid, as I am sure many video gamers have. That is probably the biggest influence in my writing "career". But, I've been playing other "Role playing" type video games since young as well...good old Quest For Glory series by Sierra comes to mind. my writing is heavily influenced by "action event sequences" just like you see in D&D rounds and video games. which may be a good thing or not....don't know :), don't care.

I usually like to place character-people in the writing if say, they were quite helpful to me in the online games. Of course, there's less than 1% chance I do that, since I never run out of resources for characters to begin with!

B) Were can players check out your books?

Players can read an excerpt or two of my writing at, my official site. but to purchase my novels there are direct links on my site to the online bookstores only:,,

C) I hear you have a new book coming out soon or is out and thought that maybe you might give us a little taste of what its about.

Since I'm writing a 7-book series, and this is a world based on Asia/China...think Avatar: the Last Airbender meets Dragon Ball Z, Samurai Jack, Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or something like that in novel form. Or any similar anime or TV show;the 3rd novel is actually PART 2 of the same novel, book 2: Brothers Sundered: Legacy of Earth and Wood. Part 2 is called "Rise of the Dragon Prophet". It stars one of the main hero's (Feslen Raster) older brother, named Duxan Raster. Duxan struggles through physical and inner journey to discover his heritage as the Dragon Prophet in hopes of returning peace, tranquility and hope to a shattered and collapsing world. He also needs to learn his inherited powers of earth and wood. As Duxan's self-awareness rises, his enemies the dangerous and insane Emperor Tsai and New Priests Celeste and Xu Zany hunt him without mercy.Duxan needs to become Dragon Prophet before the Fourth Doom Prophecy breaks, and before his enemies hunt him down.

D) Is there anything that you would like to say that we haven't covered ?

Nope, not really, except that gamers should just have fun, remember not to take it so seriously!

thanks for listening to this babble :)


Legacy of Earth and Wood: Brothers SunderedLegendary Kung-Fu Wizard Feslen Raster takes on the world! Thank you Hamil for this first interview. To all you gamers who like to read go check his site out, you can even read a little of his books. I can tell you from what I have read that his books are very good and interesting.

* Note from Hamil (Oct 10, 2008) - He is revising his books so if you are thinking of buying one you may want to hold off and buy the newer versions, Thanks you for your support.

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