Gwens Wedding
A love Story for the Age's

The Gwens Wedding Quests are only available after you finish all of the war in kryta quest's(article continues below)

and the Hearts of the North Quests

Well guess what Gwen and Thackeray need your help again this time with the wedding preparations. You need to go hunt down a few beasts to make a wonderful feast. Each of the beasts are bosses and are surrounded by mobs. You will be traveling across all 3 campaigns.

Take your time bring your favorite builds and do not rush, it is extremely easy to aggro the mobs while doing these quests. Also you do not need to do this in Hard Mode.

You will be given 2 quests from Thackeray

Norn Catering : this will take you across all 3 campaigns of the game

The Wedding : shows you the wedding.

Lets start with Norn Catering:

The first of the beasts to slay is Alpha Tyrannus. This is a big giant T-rex looking creature. its a warrior type boss. You can reach it from Tarnished Haven

Map to Alpha Tyrannus in the Guild wars quests Norn Catering to Gwen's Wedding

The next on the list for Gwens wedding is the Elusive Black Moa this one is gonna drive you crazy as soon as you get close it ports away several times. Also each time you get to it several spawns appear. The closest town to go from is Durheim Archives

Map to the Elusive Black Moa a Guild Wars quest Norn Catering to Gwens Wedding

I don't know about you but, it seems we do all the work while all the other guests just get to get dressed up and attend the party. Oh well OK the last on our list is 3 Ripened Mirage Ibogas. Guess what all 3 are NOT together so that means finding each one. The fastest way to them is to go from Tihark Orchard just a little west from there talk to Seborhin Protector Zuor to enter the quest area.

A Guild wars map to the Ripened Mirage Ibogas for the quest Norn Catering in Gwens Wedding

Ok that was it pretty easy and not to bad. Enjoy Gwens Wedding.

As Always

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