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The GW2 Ranger Profession is a pet class...
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that is a ally of nature. This profession is considered a adventurer class meaning they can wear medium armor. The ranger favors range over melee combat, however if you think getting in close means a easy win think again. This profession never fights alone, there pets are always near by making it a wonderful class to solo with.

Playing a GW2 Ranger

This in my opinion is one of the funner Professions in Guild Wars 2.

There is 1 questions that will affect your story (sorta).

My pet _____ fights at my side and guards my back.

This question determines the pet your ranger starts with.

Your choice of pet will be between 3 Different Animal Companions (pets) and your race determines the types of Animal Companions you get to choose from.

Asura Pets

- Moa, Stalker, or Drake
Charr Pets - Devourer, Stalker, or Drake
Human Pets - Bear, Stalker, or Drake
Norn Pets - Bear, Wolf, or Snow Leopard
Sylvari - Moa, Stalker, or Fern Mastiff

Game screenshot of a ranger

Using the GW2 Ranger Skills

You are going to quickly discover the ranger has many skills, from traps, to spirits, to pet based skills. They are also highly versatile in the damage they do. Burning, poison, bleeds, they can slow down a mob, stun them daze them. OMG HEAD HURTING!!! So versatile. They use bows and many close up weapons, they are a adventurer which allows them the use of medium armor.

While you do not want to take many direct hits you can take a couple, and avoiding with a ranger is a matter of what weapon and skills you decide to bring.

The ranger in my opinion is the best starter Class in the game for anyone new or who wants to see how the game is.

Animal Companions

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This is where Rangers are unique from other professions that also have pets. First there pets stay around, 2nd is you have access up to 2 land pets and 2 water pets, allowing you to switch between pets in battles.

3rd is there are many pets to charm each has a specialty skill they use. Charming is easy in Guild Wars 2, find a juvenile mob and get close to it, then hold "F", Easy as Pie.

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