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Do Not Belive All You See

GW2 mesmer, This is a pic og the Guild Wars 2 Mesmer, concept art

The GW2 Mesmer Profession is a master...
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of illusion. This profession is considered a scholar class meaning they can wear light armor. The Mesmer likes to trick the mind, Do not trust your eyes, for a Mesmer can fool the senses.Armed with Strong magic, they can create copies of themselves, or even disappear from sight completely.

Playing a GW2 Mesmer

I believe this Profession is going to be a favorite for the PvP players, considering this profession has the ability to create copy's of its self, stealth, and teleportation. Making it a great PvP profession in Guild Wars 2.

There is 1 questions that will affect your story (sorta).

A mesmer's mask creates an image. I choose to look out from behind a _____.

This question determines the mask your Mesmer starts with.

Your choice of Mask will be one of 3 Different masks.

Harlequin's Smile - It takes bravery to face your fears and seize your victories. Never let them see you without a smile.
Phantasm of Sorrow - I show the world a face lined by tragedy. Too bad you can't see behind the mask — to know whether I'm secretly laughing or not.
Fanged Dread - I'm a whisper in the night, eyes that glow in darkness. I stand in shadow, and my mask is the monster you fear.

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Profession Skills

Utility skills


Mind Wrack: Destroy all your clones and phantasms, damaging nearby foes.

Cry of Frustration: Destroy all your clones and phantasms, confusing nearby foes.

Diversion: Destroy all your clones and phantasms, dazing their target.

Distortion: Destroy all your clones and phantasms, gaining distortion for each one shattered.


Signet of Domination: Passive: Passive: Improved Condition Damage.Active: Active: Stun your foe. Costs 3 Skill points.

Signet of Illusions: Passive: Passive: Grants more health to your illusions.Active: Active: Recharge your shatter skills. Costs 5 Skill points.

Signet of Inspiration: Passive: Passive: Grants a random boon every ten seconds.Active: Active: Copy all of your boons to nearby allies. Costs 1 Skill points.

Signet of Midnight: Passive: Passive: Improves boon duration.Active: Active: Blind nearby foes. Costs 4 Skill points.


Mantra of Concentration / Power Break: Meditate, charging a spell that will grant you stability and break stuns / Gain stability and break stuns. Costs 5 Skill points.

Mantra of Distraction / Power Lock: Meditate, charging a spell that will daze your target. / Daze your foe. Costs 2 Skill points.

Mantra of Pain / Power Spike: Meditate, charging a spell that will damage your target / Damage your foe. Costs 1 Skill points.

Mantra of Resolve / Power Cleanse: Meditate, charging a spell that will remove all of your conditions / Remove all of your conditions. Costs 3 Skill points.


Phantasmal Defender: Summon an illusion that redirects half of your incoming damage to itself. Costs 6 Skill points.

Phantasmal Disenchanter: Summon an illusion that removes boons from foes and conditions from allies. Costs 2 Skill points.


Decoy: Gain stealth and summon an illusion to attack your foe. Costs 4 Skill points.

Mirror Images: Summon two clones to attack your foe. Costs 6 Skill points.


Archane Thievery: Send conditions on you to your foe and steal their boons. Costs 3 Skill points.

Blink: Teleport to a target location. Costs 1 Skill points.

Illusion of Life: Gives allies illusion of vengeance at the target location, allowing them to get up from downed and keep fighting. Ally will be fully revived if they kill a foe. Costs 5 Skill points.

Mimic / Echo: Absorb an incoming projectile attack to be redirected at a foe / Echo your mimic, shooting the stored projectile at your foe. Costs 4 Skill points.


Mirrored Feedback: Create a dome around your foes that reflects projectiles. Costs 4 Skill points.

Null Field: Create a field of energy that removes all boons from enemies, and removes all conditions from allies. Costs 2 Skill points.

Veil of Invisibility: Create a wall that grants stealth to you and your allies. Costs 7 Skill points.

Portal Entre / Portal Exeunt: Create an entry portal at your location that teleports allies to your exit portal / Create an exit portal. Costs 7 Skill points.

Healing Skills

Ether Feast: Heal yourself. Gain additional health for each active illusion. Costs 0 Skill points.

Mirror: Reflect incoming projectiles and heal yourself. Costs 1 Skill points.

Mantra of Recovery / Power Return : Meditate to charge a spell that will heal you. Costs 4 Skill points. / You are healed.

Elite Mesmer Skills

Mass Invisibility: You and all allies gain stealth for a short time. Costs 25 Skill points.

Time Warp: Create an area that warps time, granting you and your allies quickness. Costs 20 Skill points.

Moa Morph: Turn your foe into a moa bird. Costs 15 Skill points.


Mind Blast: Throw a handful of dirt to blind your foe.

Phantasmal Rogue: Resurrects your pet and summons it to you.

Teleport: Teleport to the target location.

Bandage: Call your allies for help. Restores health while you channel it. Interrupted by damage.


Skills To come

The Mesmer I think is going to be one of the more popular toons

Remember all that is found here may change since all of this is still based on beta game play.

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