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The GW 2 thief is like many other rogues from other games they have...

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the stealth, the major damaging hits that come out of no where. This of course is what they do, a class that in general is not wanted for regular grouping. A class that is thought of a sneaky and cheap. A class that is often used only for PvP and soloing.

The Guild Wars 2 Thief is going to change your thinking on the rogue class. While they still have the stealth and the critical damage hits, they bring in conditions, and some crowd control. There true strength comes from there ability to Steal ability's from Mobs.

Stealing gives the GW 2 Thief a powerful and unknown skill (to players) that allows the thief a unique advantage. Example if a thief where to steal a ability from a Moa Bird he may get Blinding Tuft, Which blinds his enemy's and puts the GW2 Thief in stealth.

Playing a GW 2 Thief

Do to the way the GW2 Thief was designed, if you want to find a group you should have no problems doing so. This new and improved rogue can attack up close or from range, and in either case the destruction a foe will find themselves in will be devastating.

Yes I did say ranged, They have access to Short bows and Pistols. They can duel wield, it all comes to how you want to surprise and dominate your chosen target. What makes a thief so deadly is instead of having cool-downs, the GW2 Thief uses initiative (12 dot base more can be added through traits).

So basically a thief could hit a person 3 times before another players cool down is up, Now before you get excited and think this is a Auto Win system, you need to know this is also their greatest weakness. If you have no initiative you basically have no ability's to attack with.

Mastering this aspect of the thief will be key to being good or great, being decent or a total noob. The 2nd thing is when to use the skill you stole earlier to your advantage. this is probably going to be the hardest class to master, and the most interesting to play.

The main question in the character creation that effects your GW 2 Thief armor is...

In my line of work, it's important to understand the power of _____.

Anonymity (head) - MY talents lie in the art of stealth, infiltration, and escape. I do not draw attention to myself. To protect my identity, I hide my face behind a mask of darkness.

Determination (head) - I mean business. I'm the bruiser, the muscle, the bear you don't want to poke. My headband keeps my vision clear, no matter how physical I get.

Subterfuge (head) - A mask draws attention, and an uncovered face allows people to identify you. I prefer a more subtle subterfuge. A drawn hood lets me blend into the crowd, and no one knows I was there

Using the GW 2 Thief Skills

Lets talk a little about this class First is the stealth. Unlike many other game your stealth does not last as long as other games, However you can not be targeted while stealth, this does not mean you cant be hurt, just means it has to be done in-directly through aoe's or bounced off other targets. Which brings us to another standard in stealth. You attack or take damage your stealth drops.

Your use of the skills you steal will want to be used for your greatest advantage, There is no need to use it immediately, but don't be scared to use the skill to give you a great advantage.

The strategy is what The GW 2 Thief is all about.

As Always

Play The Game Your Way


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