What are Guilds?

Guilds or Clans are a collection of online players who join

together to form a group, to complete that be missions, farm, PvP, PvE or other things together. These groups then normally can form alliances, which allows for more grouping.

Why join a clan? Well they make finding groups easier. Finding Crafter’s are real easy, and you can get a discount normally on what they sell, because you are part of their clan.

Many clans have ranks that you can get promoted to. The leader of the clan or one of his officers can promote you to a higher rank or demote you. Many of them have rules on when and how you can be promoted.

Choosing a clan that fits you is very important it may take several clans before you find the one you like. I personally like smaller clans, but others I know prefer the larger clans.

Smaller clans gives you a better chance to know people and to create good, loyal friendships, and you have to rely on each other a bit more to get things done. They have their problems though there are times when players won't be on, which makes finding a group harder. It's also harder to get things you need at cheap prices because there are not as many players in the clan.

The large clan means tons of people so you really don’t get to know each other that much maybe a few but not everyone like you do in a smaller one. That said finding a group, or items you need is usually easier.

Some Clans have age limits 18+ or ever 21+, and some don’t care. They all have different rules, and some have no rules.

So how do you choose?

  • Ask a few questions
    • What type of clan are you?
    • Is their a age limit?
    • What are the clans rules?

  • Try out the clan for a week and see if you like it. Don’t leave in a day or two, actually try it out. If you don’t like it after a week try another one.
  • Group with their members before joining, that way you can see if the players are people you might like to hang with.

Here are some other things you might like to know

Once you find that perfect guild for you, stick with them help make the Clan stronger, and you and that clan will be better for it.

An important point to know for those of you who wish to start a clan, is that many guilds do not make it past 5 or 6 months and few make it past a year. So if you are starting a clan, you may want to have a guild guide.

As always

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