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Guild Wars a great massive online game for people new to mmorpg. and one of my favorite online games. I have many reasons for this but here are a few:

  • It is easy to learn and play.
  • The game is very well balanced, for those of you who get into PvP you will notice this.
  • This one is probably the best one, No Monthly Fees!

This massive multiplayer online game has three stand alone games, that means you can purchase any of them and play, although you wont be able to go to other area that are in the other games. All 3 of these games are linked together to make one big game. There is also a expansion pack that increase the game in size.

In order to play the expansion you need to own at least one of the three games.

They are Guild Wars, Factions, Nightfall, and the expansion is called Eye of the North.

Guild Wars has many Avatars to choose from. My personal favorite is the Monk and in a close second is a Paragon. The nice thing about this game is you can be two Professions at a time, a primary and a secondary giving you your own style of play.

  • Guild Wars Professions
  • GW Character Sheet This sheet will help you build your character once you begin playing and learning the game. It allows you to create the best possible character before you buy the items and seeing how things will effect you as you go.

    Guild Wars Playable Races

    At this time it is human, and only human, but the variety of looks this game has done for the human race is very large.

    Leveling in this online game is pretty Quick and Easy. The max level for each character, is level 20. To hit level 20 the quickest, I suggest you do the quests and missions. Most of the quests are fairly easy, and the beginning missions are as well. In no time you will be at level 20, but you still have much to do.

    Guild Wars is not a solo friendly game, which means you can't do a whole lot by yourself. So grouping is very important. What if you don’t have any friends yet and people are not grouping with you? Guild Wars has given you a way to have a group while playing solo.

    Hero's and Henchmen are Non Player Characters or NPC's that will group with you. Use them if you cant find, or don’t want to group with other people.

    Another important thing in the game is your skill build.

    A skill build is the skills you are going to be using while playing the game. They can be changed only in towns. The more skills you learn the more options you will have and more skills you can create your build with.

    Many people use the same build. These cookie cutter builds do work, but may not fit your play style. I say if you use one of these builds tweak it to your style of play.

    I make all my own builds and have made builds for friends and people in my guild.Besides making your own build, it gives you something to brag about if it works for what you want it to do.

    Making gold in Guild Wars is not to hard and there are several ways of making in game money and if you can make the gold in several different ways its better, so you don’t get bored. Here are some examples:

    So once you made all this in-game gold what are you going to spend it on? What about those drops that are good but you cant find a buyer for right away? or you just don't have time to sell. Since GW does not have a in game auction system whats a person to do? Well here is my suggestion check out this auction site, GW auctions. What ever way you decide be fair and honest and people will flock to you.

    As Always

    Play The Game Your Way


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