The 4 Types of
Guild Wars Runner

So what does a guild wars runner do? (article continues below)
Depending on the type of runner you have hired, it will determine what they do. The most common runner is one that takes you from point A to point B for a fee. Depending on were you are being ran to will determine the fee they will charge.

Another guild wars runner is one that runs a mission for you. This type you normally will do nothing but sit and wait, this runner is normally a expert at the mission and failure is not common.

Another is called a ferry this one will get your character to a place that they normally could not go there are a few spots were this happens in the game.

The last one is a leet hunter. This one helps you get a skill they normally will do most of the work, they will guide you to the spot and will kill the boss for you, this is a rare runner.

Looking for runners? Or know of a runner? Click here to tell us or find a good runner here.

Paying the Guild Wars Runner

There are three ways they charge, 1st is upfront very rare but does happen I do not Suggest a runner that does this unless you trust them or used them before, some that do this ditch you after they have received the money.

2nd is the pay after pretty common once you get there you pay the guild wars runner.

3rd and most common is the pay as you go, you pay during the run they will stop the run at a certain point to get paid before finishing the run. sometimes this is in a town if there are several stops you pay at each town. In missions its right before they do the last part to beat a mission.

Payment Types

Gold - Most common form of payment, this will be announced up front so you know how much its going to cost.

Tips - This will happen, what they are asking is for you to give them gold or a item for the run in what you think it was worth. Never not give to someone doing it for tips for that is just rude.

Free - This does not happen often, but when it does its either because the person is new at it, or about to do it for themselves and are being nice. Either way its always nice to give them a tip for doing it even tho it was free.

Always thank them for the run as well its proper game manners to do so.

Details on Guild Wars Runners
  • The traveling guild wars runner - Like I said earlier this is the most common runner, they take you from point A to Point B. Their fee is usually based on difficulty and how far they are going. This runner is all about speed he uses many defensive skills as well as speed skills to do the run. Do not expect them to stop and help you if you get in a fight they will not do it they are concerned with one thing only and that is getting to the next destination
  • Most classes for this are sins and rangers as either a primary or secondary because of the movement skills these two classes have. When building this build you will want movement skills and those are the 2 classes to use. Warriors and Paragons are very good as well though less popular at this time because of there Low energy.

    I thought maybe I would show A runner build that is all one class and because I like to Play My way I made a Warrior run build. This is a basic run build tweeking is needed depending on were you run too.

    Guild Wars Runner build for a warrior

    These Guild Wars Runner skills from Left to right are:Drunken Master, Charge, Sprint, Enraging Charge, Signet of Stamina,I am Unstoppable, Feel No Pain.

    You notice the last slot is optional, Its because That one right there I will add different skill too maybe a condition removal. Don't forget This build was made for my play style, so it may not work as well for you, if that is the case tweek it till it does.

  • Mission Guild Wars Runner - This runner will run a mission for you for a fee, They will normally do all the work so all you have to do is stand there and not screw them up. Most have several prices depending on what they are going to do like If its just the mission or is it mission+bonus/masters, normal mode or hard mode, or either combination of those. Mission builds are tricky because you have to make the build work for the mission and each mission is different.
  • You will find many necro's, monks, and elementalist's who do mission runs.

  • Ferry Guild Wars Runner - one of the easiest runs, basically its were you have a quest or mission that allows you to drag another player not at that point with you. This is mainly used to get to Max Armor, or get to the other campaigns.
  • This can be done by any class that has the quest just remember not to actually finish the ferry(finish the quest by getting the reward) yourself or you will lose the ability to ferry.

  • Leet Guild Wars Runner - This is a rare runner and not often seen, this runner will take you to were the leet you want is and defeat the boss so you can capture the ability. The cost for this varies often upon where the leet is and how hard the boss is to defeat.
  • This can be done by many classes and the builds are dependent on the boss and the area.

    Reasons for a player to want a run are:

    • They don’t know how to get to there destination yet
    • They are to low of a level to get there on their own
    • Cant get into the area on own
    • Just lazy

    Their are other reasons but the ones listed are the most common.

    Should you decide to run a few things you should consider are:

    • Can you get where the other player wants to go easily?
    • Is it worth your time?
    • Do you have the skills to do the run?
    • Is it in the direction you are headed already?
    • Can you handle the fact that some players will skip out on you and not pay?

    Easy Money

    When you decide you are going to be running, let players know up front the cost. Make the cost reasonable for your time, that way you will make good in-game money while giving a valuable service.

    Do only Runs you know, and can do successfully. Practice the run until you get it down, or do it for Tips. Even if you do it for tips you should have a decent success rate so Practice.

    Getting paid

    I find the easiest way to get paid is charge the full amount up front but you will not get much business this way because of the chances you may skip out, you could at least try for a partial amount up front and then the rest when you reach your final destination. Another option is doing most of the run then at the most difficult part ask for payment before you continue on, if you go this route then make sure you let them know that this is how your going to do it, this can also be done so at each town you get paid..

    The Competition for Guild Wars Runners

    There will be a lot of competition, it really depends on the time players are on. If you don’t feel you can compete with a player's prices don’t, your time can be better spent playing the game.

    Building your Runner

    When building your runner you need to determine what type of run you wish to do. Once you have that determining the skills needed to make the build are next remember if your doing the travel one you need good run skills and so sin or ranger have the best of those, paragon and warriors have some decent ones as well. I suggest 3 run skills minimum 4 max, then the rest defensive in some way 1 of which needs to be a health regen.

    For leet and mission runners please look at what you are going to have to defeat and pick the skills for you and the hero's before hand that will allow you to do this easily. Mission runner is the hardest of the runs normally.

    For the leet hunting I like using Minion Masters (necromancers) or Spirit Spammers (ritualists) with one good hero monk then for the henchmen its up to you but I suggest at lest 1 of those to be a monk.

    For the missions This is up to you you will have to discover this on your own becuase each mission is diffrent , some are 55 able ( 55 is a special monk build), others take hero's as well your build. This will be trial and error but once you have this you will make good money.

    The ferry is the easiest of all the guild wars runners to be, you don't need a build but the person your ferrying will need to have the campaign that they wish to travel too

    For those who are or just looking for a run please check out the GW runners page.

    As always,

    Play The Game Your Way


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