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Guild Wars Logo, first of the three games

Guild Wars Prophecies is the first of three games...
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well its actually just Guild Wars, the other two are Guild Wars Factions and Guild Wars Nightfall.

In Prophecies, what we gamers call this first game, you start off in a very nice city called Ascalon, with practically nothing. You quickly discover that there are missions for you right off and begin to play. This part of the game is known as Pre by the GW gamers, do to it being the training ground for the next stage of the game.

The mobs here are easy to defeat, and you will level quite quickly through the first 4-6 levels before it starts to slow down. In pre you will learn how to play your primary profession and also get your secondary profession. You are even allowed to try out the secondary professions before choosing the one you want. Once you have chosen your second and have gained a few levels , I personally suggest leveling to at least level 7. Then you are ready for the real game.

You have left pre and are now in the post Ascalon area, the scenery has drastically changed. The mobs here are tougher than in pre. You will also notice you can have a party of 4 with you, rather than just 2 you had in pre and now you can use henchmen, these are NPC that will fight along side of you.

Here you will start with one story line that leads into another until you beat the game. Once you have is that it ? No it is not try your hand at some PvP, redo the game in hard mode, make a new character, or try the other 2 games and the expansion.

You will find many allies, friends and a few enemies along the way. Question is Are You the Chosen Legendary Hero of Guild Wars?

Prophecies Missions

Guild Wars Prophecies Game Information

This game has a Teen rating, due to the use of alcohol and violence. Game experience may change during online play.

What this means is the game is always changing, players get on and off the game. some may use foul language, others don’t. I would not recommend this game to any child under the age of 10 especially if you do not put the chat filter on its highest settings. If the filters are on high. then most of the foul language is filtered out. there is alcohol in the game but it plays a very minor role in the game.

Guild Wars Prophecies has:

Chat filter: yes

Shows blood: no

Monthly fees: no

Purchase the game: yes

This is my opinion on who should play the game.

Age 9 and younger: No

Age 10-15: yes as long as filter is on, preferably on high.

Age16-18: yes

Age19+: yes

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