Guild Wars Professions

What are Guild Wars Professions?(article continues below)

GW Professions are the avatars and there given powers and ability's that are all be based on the profession you choose. The Biggest point to this is it all so gives you your major strengths and weaknesses.

Lets take for instance you choose a Warrior.

A Warrior is a heavy armored class with very low power. This really comes into play when you choose your secondary profession. If you choose a magic class such as a Elementalist, you will run through your power very quickly.

So picking and choosing will be very important on how your chosen character will be played.

Quick Basics to Guild Wars Professions

Every Guild Wars Character can have 2 professions, A primary and a secondary.

Your primary will give you your strengths, weaknesses, and a unique attribute that only that primary can power up.

Back to To our Warrior Example

Warriors wear heavy armor so they take less damage.

They have very low Power so casting a bunch spells is pretty much out.

There unique attribute is Strength, this allows them to bypass some armor rating, means they do more damage, This includes with spells.

Now to the secondary profession, all this does is gives you the ability to use skills and ability's from that profession.

Back to To our Warrior Example

Our Warrior has many attack skills with swords and hammers but no real spells or ranged ability's. So a warrior might choose a Ranger to allow him to use a bow and have a pet, or He might choose a Necromancer second so he can use life drain skills to do damage and keep himself alive, may even use the necro skills to bring back fallen foes to help him fight.

As you can see choosing a second profession is very important.It will effect how you play. Luckily as you play and level up you will be able given the ability to change your secondary in towns.

All professions can use all weapons this doesn't mean you will be good with all of them.

You can only wear your type of armor.

Guild Wars Professions