Guild Wars Necromancer
Minipulator of the Defeated

The Guild Wars Necromancer is a core profession in the...
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guild wars online game. Which means it can be selected in any of the three games that have the guild wars name: Guild Wars Prophecies, Guild Wars Factions, or Guild Wars Nightfall.

The Necromancer

Guild Wars Necromancer, A caster  of death magic, Many online gamers like to play this character

The necromancer is a caster with many uses, one of the favorites are minion masters. The manipulator of the dead, armed with dark magic they will face you with confidence and once your defeated you become one of their servants.

The 3 main types of guild wars necromancer you will meet are:

The Minion Master - Manipulator of the defeated, once a foes is defeated they exploit them and force them to be a minion. These servants then are used to fight for the necromancer. Not easy to get going but once he does, he becomes an army.

The below skills are a basic Minion Master build

minion master builds

The skills for the 2 builds above from left to right

  • Animate Shambling Horror - Exploit nearest corpse to create a shambling horror. When the shambling horror dies, it is replaced by a jagged horror that causes Bleeding with each attack
  • Animate Bone Horror - Exploit nearest corpse to animate a bone horror
  • Animate Flesh Golem - Exploit nearest corpse to animate a Flesh Golem. The Flesh Golem leaves an exploitable corpse or Animate Vampiric Horror - Exploit nearest corpse to animate a Vampiric Horror. This minion steals health
  • Death Nova - For 30 seconds, if target ally is defeated, all adjacent foes take and are Poisoned
  • Patient Spirit - For 2 seconds, target ally is enchanted with Patient Spirit. When this enchantment ends, that ally is healed
  • Signet of Rejuvenation - Heal target ally. If target ally is casting a spell or attacking, that ally is healed even more
  • Feast for the Dead - Destroy animated undead ally. All of your other animated undead allies are healed
  • Resurrection Chant - Resurrect target party member with up to your current Health and some Energy

The DD/Degener - You drain the enemies health from them while doing dd which is direct damage.

The Vampire - LOL well I call this a vampire, others call them Touchies. The skills they use are mostly touch skills that not only hurt the enemy but also heal you at the same time.

I make a version that is all about life drain and stealing.

The below skills are a basic Vampire Necromancer build

vampire builds for the necro

The skills for the 2 builds above from left to right

  • Angorodon's Gaze - Steal health from foe. If you are suffering from a condition, you gain energy
  • Shadow Strike - Shadow damage. If that foe's health is above 50%, you steal health
  • Life Transfer - Target foe and adjacent foes have health degeneration, which you gain as Health regeneration or Vampiric Gaze - Steal health from target foe
  • Life Siphon - Target foe has health degeneration, and you gain health regeneration
  • Vampiric Touch - Touch target foe to steal health
  • Unholy Feast - Steal health from foes in the area
  • Vampiric Bite - Touch target foe to steal health.
  • Animate Vampiric Horror - Exploit nearest corpse to animate a Vampiric Horror. This minion steals health

Choosing a secondary profession for your Guild Wars Necromancer

When choosing a secondary profession for your guild wars necromancer, first you should decide on what your main goal is going to be. Once you have decided, look at the skills that the other professions have, you can even test some of them out in the game through missions before deciding, then choose those skills that will help you do what you want. Example: you decide to use the Vampire/Touchie build, you may want to go ranger because rangers have several touch skills as well, while giving you some defensive abilities, and a pet that does not lose life over time, unlike the minions that do.

Necromancer as a secondary class for other primary professions.

The Pro's The guild wars necromancer makes a great secondary profession for many other professions in the game. It allows you to do damage while keeping your self healed. They have some of the cheapest spells in the game.

The Con'sThe bad thing about taking a necromancer as a secondary is many spells require you to sacrifice some hit points to cast. Many of the life stealing skills have a high cost.

Basic Necromancer Info

Armor: Necromancers have low armor, so they will take more damage in a fight. There are 31 sets of armor, each with its own unique look. You can mix and match the armor sets. There are five pieces to each set.

Weapons: In Guild Wars you can use any weapon in the game. Most necromancers use staffs or wands, these weapons cast a damage spell that flies out the end of the staff for a ranged attack. The damage these weapons do is low to medium. You cannot specialize in these weapons to increase their damage.

Magic: All characters have the ability to use magic, so every character has a magic or power pool, necromancers have a medium amount of power and a high power regeneration or regen as gamers call it.

The Attributes of a Guild Wars Necromancer

Attributes are the groupings that skills fall under.

Soul Reaping - The reaping line . This attribute is the primary line for a necromancer, which means that only a necromancer primary can put points in this attribute line. For every point you put in this attribute the skills in it get stronger, and you get a small amount of energy every time a foe is defeated near you.

Blood Magic - The Skills in this attribute are very powerful but come at the cost of your health points. The spells can help others with their power regen, keep your minions alive, or hurt your foes very badly. For every point you put in this attribute the skills in it get stronger.

Death Magic - The skills in this attribute are about exploiting defeated foes, whether it be creating a minion from a fallen foe or an area that other foes don’t wan to be in. It's up to you when using skills from this line. For every point you put in this attribute the skills in it get stronger.

Curses - This attribute is about hexes and damage. From draining foes health to making them less effective, you are keeping them from doing what they want and that is what you want. For every point you put in this attribute the skills in it get stronger.

Necromancer basic build ideas

When you create a Guild Wars Necromancer build you will discover you can only take 8 skills with you. So making a build that allows you to continue to cast your skills is very important.

The Tips

  • First and most important is to choose the skills that go with your play style.
  • Use mainly low energy cost skills, but keep a close eye on your health with the skills that also require you to use HP to cast the spell.
  • Don’t be afraid to try different skills and skill combinations.
  • Pick a secondary profession that fits your play style and build.
  • When making your armor, each piece can have one rune and one insignia. Read each carefully because placement has an effect on some of the insignias.

  • When you PvP you will be quickly targeted, due to the fact that you can create minions and overwhelm other teams .
Playing a necromancer can be very exciting, specially when using the MM build, you create minions and let your army destroy your enemies. Although getting this build going can take a little time, it is well worth it. As I’ve said before always keep a eye on your HP with a necromancer some spells hurt you in order to cast, you don’t want to accidentally defeat yourself.

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