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The guild wars monk is a core profession...
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in the guild wars online game, meaning it can be selected in any of the three games that have the guild wars name: Guild Wars Prophecies, Guild Wars Factions, or Guild Wars Nightfall.

The Monk

The monk is the primary healer in the Guild Wars game. Most gamers will expect you to be a healer, though in this game you can be much more. If your looking for an easy profession this is not it, and tho many gamers assume it is it is not. Monks are great support characters.

The 3 main types of guild wars monks you will meet are:

The Healer

As a healer you heal those who are hurt, you try to keep your group alive, and if things go bad you are the first to take off so you can come back and rez people. This may seem like a easy thing to do, but it is not. You are to keep track of every one in the group's health and decide who gets healed and who does not.

The Protector

As a protection monk your job is to slow down or prevent the damage.You are to predict who is going to need the protection before they get hurt. Much like the healer its not a easy way to play but it is challenging and rewarding.

Gw Protection Monk build

The below skills are a basic Protection Build

Signet of Devotion - Decent heal that costs no power

Watchful Healing - A health regeneration spell

Reversal of Fortune - The damage you were going to receive now heals you

Life Sheath - Leet spell removes a condition and next damage you were going to receive now heals you, or Mend Condition - Removes a condition and heals

Guardian - Increases chance to block by 50%

Protective Spirit - Limits the amount of damage that can be received

Shield Guardian - Increases chance to block by 75% if a block occurs allies nearby are healed

Resurrection Chant - Rez a character back to life at your health and with some magic power

The Smiter

The smiter is about damage, no healing others, no stopping damage, it is all about doing damage. Not the most popular with groups, most groups think you should heal or protect. This is not a bad type of monk, you can really help a group if played right.

If you do get a group let them know right away that you are smite, don't group under false pretenses. Mobs that are undead you do tons of damage too.

Gw Smite monk build

The below skills are for a basic Smite Build

Castigation Signet - Does Damage and if hits a attacking foe you regain magic power

Bane Signet - Does damage

Signet of Rage - Does damage and even more damage if the foe uses adrenaline skills

Smite Condition -Remove a condition and damage any foes around the player the condition was removed from

Smite Hex - Remove a hex and damage any foes around the player the hex was removed from

Gladiator's Defense - Increases you chance to block by 75% and when you block you do damage to the foe you blocked, or Disciplined Stance - Increases your chance to block by 75%

Defensive Stance - Increases you chance to block by 75% and you have +24 armor

Resurrection Chant - Rez a character back to life at your health and with some magic power

Choosing a secondary for your guild wars monk.

When choosing a secondary profession for your guild wars monk, first you should decide on what your main goal is going to be. Once you have decided look at the skills that the other professions have, you can even test some of them out in the game through missions before deciding, then decide if those skills will help you do what you want. Example: you decide to go support build with mostly protection skills. Choosing a Paragon would be a good choice because they have many support type skills.

Monk as a secondary class for other primary professions.

The Pro's The guild wars monk makes a great secondary profession for any other profession in the game. It allows you to heal you and other gamers, buffs you and other players, and if you have no ranged attacks, it wont matter because monks smiting prayers can do ranged damage.

The Con'sThe bad thing about taking a monk as a secondary is you don’t heal as well as a primary monk. The damage from the monks smiting prayers is not very powerful or fast. As for the buffs many you can't use on your self.

Basic Monk Info

Armor: Monks have low armor, so they will take more damage in a fight. There are 31 sets of armor, each with its own unique look. You can mix and match the armor set. I have a friend that does this, and when she mixes the armor she creates her own unique look. There is five pieces to each set.

Weapons: In Guild Wars you can use any weapon in the game. Most monks use staffs or wands, these weapons cast a damage spell that flies out the end of the staff for a ranged attack. The damage these weapons do is low to medium. You cannot specialize in these weapons to increase their damage.

Magic: All characters have the ability to use magic, so every character has a magic or power pool, monks have a medium amount of power and a a high power regen.

The Attributes of a Guild Wars Monk

Monk character, for gamers who like to play healers

Attributes are the groupings that skills fall under.

Divine Favor - The divine favor line has many different skills, most of them are healing spells. The rest of them are buffs or as the game calls them enchantments. This attribute is the primary line for a monk, which means that only a monk primary can make points in this attribute line. For every point you put in this attribute the skills in it get stronger, and you get a small bonus heal for the target of the monk spell.

Healing prayers - The Skills in this attribute are about healing damage to allies. There are some buffs and rez's. For every point you put in this attribute the skills in it get stronger.

Protection Prayers - The skills in this attribute are about preventing , reducing, or slowing down the damage to you and allies. For every point you put in this attribute the skills in it get stronger.

smiting prayers - This attribute is about damage, there are some buffs in this line. The damage you do in this line is most effective against the undead. For every point you put in this attribute the skills in it get stronger.

Monk basic build ideas

When you go to make a Guild Wars monk build you will discover you can only take 8 skills with you. So making a build that allows you to continue to cast your skills is very important.

The Tips

  • First and most important is to choose the skills that go with your play style.
  • Use mostly low energy cost skills.
  • Don’t be afraid to try different skills and skill combinations.
  • Pick a secondary profession that fits with your play style and build.
  • When making your armor, each piece can have one rune and one insignia. Read each carefully because placement has some effect on some of the insignias.

  • When you PvP you will be quickly targeted.
Playing a monk can be very frustrating. Many players think it’s an easy class to play, when it is not and will tell you how to play one. When they never have, or played one for a couple day then gave up on it. You will be blamed a lot for things that happen, that were not your fault, and will not be given credit when credit is do much of the time.

If you are looking for a glory character to play this is not it. It however is a easy character to get groups with. If you don’t mind many gamers taking credit for how well the group is doing then test drive the guild wars monk.

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