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Guild Wars Character caster, called a Mesmer, many online gamers play this avatar The Guild Wars Mesmer is a core profession...
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in the guild wars online game. Which means it can be selected in any of the three games that have the guild wars name: Guild Wars Prophecies, Guild Wars Factions, or Guild Wars Nightfall.

The Mesmer

The mesmer is the master of mind magic. They can slow you down, make you miss attacks, interrupt, and even drain power from enemies. They are masters of the indirect damage, they prefer you make a choice, wait out an effect or make an action and do damage to your self.

The 3 main types of guild wars mesmer you will meet are:

The Interrupter - Stopping attacks and damaging the attacker at the same time is no easy task, unless you’re a mesmer. They force you to choose either to wait or attack and take damage, or they just stop your attack all together.

Mesmer interrupter builds

The below skills are for a basic Mesmer Interrupter Build

Disrupting Shot - interrupts a action +30 dmg if the action was a Skill

Signet of Distraction - Interrupts a spell, for every signet you have the target's spell is disabled for extra time.

Cry of Frustration - interrupts a target if target was using a skill interrupts all foes in area.

Web of Disruption -interrupts a skill then 10 sec later does it again

Empathy - Target takes damage when ever they attack for a period of time

Broad Head Arrow - Interrupts a spell , also causes dazed or Savage Shot interrupts a action extra damage if the action was a spell.

Dryder's Defense - 75% chance to block attacks and extra protection from elemental damage.

Resurrection Signet - Bring back a defeated ally with 100% health and 25% power.

The Degener - You drain the enemies health from them.

mesmer degeneration builds

The below skills are for a basic Mesmer Degener Build

Shrinking Armor - Degens your target's Health points for 10 seconds, after that it causes cracked armor for a period of time

Conjure Phantasm - Degens your target's Health points for a period of time

Images of Remorse - Degens your target's Health points, If target was attacking you do damage as well.

Life Siphon - This spell pulls double duty. Degens your target's Health points while regening your health points

Angorodon's Gaze - you steal Health points from target, if you have a condition you also gain energy

Energy Tap - cause target to lose Energy you gain energy for every point they lost

Ether Feast - cause target to lose energy , for every point they lost you regain Health

Well Of Power - Create a area from a defeated foe were allies regen health points and also regen magic points. or Well of Blood - Create a area from a defeated foe were allies regen health points

The Hexer - Hex's you to no end many different effects may take place, from slowing down a foe, to making them miss more often.

Choosing a secondary profession for your Guild Wars Mesmer

Guild Wars Character caster, called a Mesmer, many online gamers play this avatar

When choosing a secondary profession for your guild wars mesmer, first you should decide on what your main goal is going to be. Once you have decided, look at the skills that the other professions have, you can even test some of them out in the game through missions before deciding. Then choose those skills that will help you do what you want. Example: you decide to use the degener build, you may want to go Necromancers because Necromancers have several degen skills as well, while giving you the ability to regen your Hp as well.

Mesmer as a secondary class for other primary professions.

The Pro's The guild wars mesmer makes a great secondary profession for many of the other professions in the game. It allows you to control the pace of fights by slowing down or stopping a major foe. Another nice thing about this class is they can steal power from the enemies and give it to themselves.

The Con'sThe bad thing about taking a mesmer as a secondary is that there are not a lot of direct damage skills. Many of their skills rely on the foe to make a choice, and they are caster or tank specific choices. Example one skill interrupts a spell that is caster specific, a tank may not have spells if they do they just wait it out while using their melee skills.

Basic Mesmer Info

Armor: Mesmer have low armor, so they will take more damage in a fight. There are 31 sets of armor, each with its own unique look. You can mix and match the armor sets. There are five pieces to each set.

Weapons: In Guild Wars you can use any weapon in the game. Most Mesmer’s use staffs or wands, these weapons cast a damage spell that flies out the end of the staff for a ranged attack. The damage these weapons do is low to medium. You cannot specialize in these weapons to increase their damage.

Magic: All characters have the ability to use magic, so every character has a magic or power pool, mesmers have a medium amount of power and a high power regeneration or regen as gamers call it.

The Attributes of a Guild Wars Mesmer

Attributes are the groupings that skills fall under.

Fast Casting - This attribute is the primary line for a mesmer, which means that only a mesmer primary can put points in this attribute line. For every point you put in this attribute the skills in it get stronger, The more points you put in this line the faster you cast.

Illusion Magic - This line is the degen line for the mesmer. The spells in this line do mainly damage over time or Dot's for short. For every point you put in this attribute the skills in it get stronger.

Domination Magic - You control the way the fight goes through interrupts, slow downs and many other spells. For every point you put in this attribute the skills in it get stronger.

Inspiration Magic - Helps make you and others spells more effective. For every point you put in this attribute the skills in it get stronger.

Mesmer Basic Build Ideas

When you create a Guild Wars Mesmer build you will discover you can only take 8 skills with you. So making a build that allows you to continue to cast your skills is very important.

The Tips

  • First and most important is to choose the skills that go with your play style.
  • Balance your skills so you will be more effective. Be sure to bring skills to recapture your energy quickly.
  • Don’t be afraid to try different skills and skill combinations.
  • Pick a secondary profession that fits your play style and build.
  • When creating your armor, each piece can have one rune and one insignia. Read each carefully because placement has an effect on some of the insignias.

  • When you PvP you will be quickly targeted, the reason for this is because you can turn a battle quickly.

Playing a mesmer is very interesting, since you are in control of how the battles will be fought. Although this sounds easy it is not. A Mesmer is one of the more difficult classes to play, but once you get the hang of it you become very powerful

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