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Guild Wars Halloween Quest - Something Wicked This Way Comes - You first receive...
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this quest from the Mad King's Steward in Lion's Arch or Kamadan. Once you have gotten it head to Temple of the Ages, Zin Ku Corridor, or Chantry of Secrets. You will need a Transmogrifier Tonic (Candy Corn Transformation) use this before speaking with the Voice of Grenth.

Your objective is to talk to King Frozenwind.

By the way this is a solo quest, and you don't get to use your skills. You are given 4 skills.

Sugar Rush - makes you run faster
Sticky Ground - Hexes foes to make them move slower
Sugar Shock - Its a single target Knockdown.
The Mad King's Influence - Makes all foes in are friendly for a short time.

You are Not going to be doing any fighting at all its all running. The only trick is knowing where to stop to regain health, and guess what? you do just by looking at the map. The safe areas are marked with a green dot or green line.

Map for something wicked this way comes

Guild Wars Halloween Quest can be attempted with any character even those who have not ascended yet. Which is normally not allowed in the underworld.

The Coldfire Nights are really the only threat in this quest so be aware of them because they can wipe you out very quickly. The only 2 skills you will be worrying about are Sugar rush and The mad kings influence. use sugar rush to blow by most mobs if things go bad or you are being cast on use the kings influence and don't stop unless your in a safe spot.

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