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very simple design for starting a guild.

Getting Started

In Guild Wars to start a guild all you need is 100 gold. You go to a guild register he will ask you for the name of your guild, and a short Tag word that will go to the end of it. The name of the guild needs to be at least 2 words long.

At this point we should mention that the names should be appropriate. The reason for this is if it's not it may get changed with out warning. Example: You choose (insert bad word) of the coast [sea] the brackets is your tag. The next day your guild might be called nets of the coast [sea] that is if you were lucky. Many times they just throw a couple letters in changing it and now your Guild Wars guild name makes no since.

The tag will show up next to all guild members names, Wait you don’t have any yet. Well now that you have started your guild you can start recruiting friends and other players into the guild.

There is a cost to recruiting as well, 100g per person to join your guild. So make sure they want to join and will stay before you send that invite.

Guild Roster

There are 4 ranks in the Guild Wars guild.

Guild leader (GL) - This is the person who started the guild normally. Why normally? Because he can hand the guild leadership over to someone else if he wants to. There can only be 1 guild leader at any time, and he can do the most in the guild.

Officers - There can be more than one officer. Those officers are normally loyal gamers to the guild. They have some ability to make changes to the guild but not like the GL.

Members - The members make up the core of the guild. They have no real ability to change anything in the guild. They are able to use things in the guild hall and go there when ever they would like.

Guests - This is a player that you have invited to check out your guild, they can come visit your hall and use things in your hall for a temporary amount of time.

Guild Halls

Their are many guild halls with different looks and feels, and strategies.

Guild halls are were GvG or guild vs guild battles happen. Knowing a little about your hall will give you an advantage. So check them out.

To get a Guild Wars guild hall you will need to get to a Canthan Ambassador is a Npc who sells the celestial sigils you need to get a guild hall. How much is one, well the price for them fluctuate so you never know.

Once you have your hall if you wish to change it you may, by buying another sigil. All the Npc's that you bought for your guild hall will go to the new guild hall.

The Npc's that can be purchased do many thing for your hall like having a skills merchant or a dye trader. The more you have the better. Many players use the hall as a central hub. I know I do and many of my guild mates do also.

You can buy the Npc's from the guild lord in the hall

The Cape

This is one of the most important parts of the guild. This is your emblem, it says guild, Im proud to be in this guild, and we are ready to show what we can do. Making a cape costs 2000 gold you can design one and see what it looks like free but to make it, it will cost you. You can always change it for another 2000g if you want.

Luxon or Kurzick

Once your guild is up you may want to join other guilds, this is called an alliance. You need to choose a side Kurzick or Luxon. These two clans are fighting it out for territories in the Factions game and you get to help one side or the other.

You can change sides if you want to but will have to go through this process again for the one you changing too.

The Steps

  • Choose a side Luxon or Kurzick
  • Talk to the ambassador for the side you have chosen. If you decide to change sides it will cost 500gold
  • 1000g is needed for each guild to join a alliance and only 10 guilds can be in an alliance at one time.

There you have it, you created a Guild Wars guild, all you need to do now is make some rules, so your guild doesn’t get to out of hand. I like to add a motto to my guild like, "Keep it Clean", that way we can remember that the guild's reputation is important and they can mind their manners.

Lastly everyone needs help making a guild that will last and the guild helpers guide can help. Remember that most guilds fail within a year, don't be a statistic.

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