Guild Wars Factions
A Tale of Two Factions

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Guild Wars Factions is the second of three games...
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the other two are Guild Wars and Guild Wars Nightfall.

In factions there are 2 new professions you can choose from, as well as the original core professions. You begin in a training area, for all those of you who are new to the game I suggest you go through this to understand the controls to the game. You may skip this if you wish. Once done you find yourself in a monastery here you will start your journey through the game.

The first part is learning about your character and gaining a second profession. During this time you may test each of the professions and then pick the one you liked best. You will soon discover something bad is happening and will need to go to the main island to see what you can do to help.

This is when the real game begins, you will go through many challenges and may even chose a side to be on in battles against other players. Which should you be: A luxon? or a kurzick the choice is yours.

So you beat Factions have you. Well there is more to the game Try beating it in hard mode, go PvP, Alliance Battle, make a new character, or try one of the other 2 games or expansion.

You will find many allies, friends and a few enemies along the way. So which side are you on in Guild Wars Factions? Luxon or Kurzick, we may be friend or foe when we meet, remember fight with honor, with pride, for glory, and most of all for fun.

Game Information

This game has a Teen rating, due to the use of alcohol and violence. Game experience may change during online play.

What this means is the game is always changing, players get on and off the game. some may use foul language, others don’t. I would not recommend this game to any child under the age of 10 especially if you do not put the chat filter on its highest settings. If the filters are on high. then most of the foul language is filtered out. there is alcohol in the game but it plays a very minor role in the game.

Guild Wars Factions has:

Chat filter: yes

Shows blood: no

Monthly fees: no

Purchase the game: yes

This is my opinion on who should play the game.

Age 9 and younger: depends on maturity

Age 10-15: yes as long as filter is on, preferably on high.

Age16-18: yes

Age19+: yes

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