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The Guild Wars Elementalist is a core profession...
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in the Guild Wars online game, meaning it can be selected in any of the three games that have the Guild Wars name: Guild Wars Prophecies, Guild Wars Factions, or Guild Wars Nightfall.

The Elementalist

 Guild Wars Elementalist, A powerful caster  dealing with magic of the elements

The elementalist is a major damage dealing caster in the Guild Wars game. Most gamers will expect you to do massive damage, and I'm sure you will not want to disappoint them.

The 4 types of Guild Wars Elementalists you will meet are:

Fire - This build is Hot, I mean that literally. The spells this type use is fire the damage they do is quite devastating.

Ice - Chilling out is what you do when you face this type. You're not gonna get anywhere fast once they get their ice spells on you, it will damage and slow you down.

Earth - This one is now emerging from obscurity, With great damage and some defensive ability's some of which will help party members. This type has real promise.

Air - This type is not overly popular, The skills hear allow u to bypass some armor so you do little more damage, and has a few surprises in the line but over all is the weakest of the types at this time.

Choosing a secondary for your Guild Wars Elementalist.

When choosing a secondary profession for your Guild Wars Elementalist, first you should decide on what your main goal is going to be. Once you have decided look at the skills that the other professions have, you can even test some of them out in the game through missions before deciding, then decide if those skills will help you do what you want. Example: you decide to try the fire build many will go with a monk just for the rez.

Elementalist as a secondary class for other primary professions.

The Pro's The Guild Wars Elementalist makes a great secondary profession for any other profession in the game. It allows you some nice ranged damage and some interesting temporary buffs.

The Con'sThe bad thing about taking a elementalist as a secondary is because some of the spells cause exhaustion which temporary lowers your power, and many of it's good spells do cost a lot more in magic than other casters.

Basic Elementalist Info

Armor: Elementalist have low armor, so they will take more damage in a fight. There are 31 sets of armor, each with its own unique look. You can mix and match the armor set. I have a friend that does this, and when she mixes the armor she creates her own unique look. There are five pieces to each set.

Weapons: In Guild Wars you can use any weapon in the game. Most elementalists use staffs or wands. These weapons cast a damage spell that flies out the end of the staff for a ranged attack. The damage these weapons do is low to medium. You can not specialize in these weapons to increase their damage.

Magic: All characters have the ability to use magic, so every character has a magic or power pool. The elementalists have a medium to high amount of power and a high power regen.

The Attributes of a Guild Wars Elementalist

Attributes are the groupings that skills fall under.

Energy Storage - The energy storage line has many different skills. This attribute is the primary line for an elementalist, which means that only an elementalist primary can make points in this attribute line. For every point you put in this attribute the skills in it get stronger, and you gain a small amount of extra energy.

Fire Magic - The Skills in this attribute are about damage to foes. The spells in this line are based on fire and may do some burning. For every point you put in this attribute the skills in it get stronger.

Water Magic - The skills in this attribute are about slowing down your enemies while damaging them. For every point you put in this attribute the skills in it get stronger.

Air Magic - This attribute is about damage, while penetrating armor, there are also several conditions in this line. For every point you put in this attribute the skills in it get stronger.

Earth Magic- This attribute deals damage, has knock downs and a few temporary buffs. For every point you put in this attribute the skills in it get stronger.

Elementalist basic build ideas

When you make a Guild Wars elementalist build you will discover you can only take 8 skills with you. So making a build that allows you to continue to cast your skills is very important.

The Tips

  • First and most important is to choose the skills that goes with your play style.
  • Put several points into Energy Storage to boost up the amount of power you have
  • Use mostly low energy cost skills. Even though you can use higher cost spells do to your energy storage.
  • Don’t be afraid to try different skills and skill combinations.
  • Pick a secondary profession that fits with your play style and build.
  • When making your armor, each piece can have one rune and one insignia. Read each carefully because placement has an effect on some of the insignias.

  • When you PvP take out the person you believe is the most dangerous, if you have the spike damage use it.

Playing an elementalist is fun. All the damage you do in a very short amount of time comes at a price though, are you willing to pay it? A powerful caster commanding the forces of nature, someone is bound to get burned

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