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Guild Wars 2 was almost Legendary with all the hype...
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that it has received over several years, and lot of us have been waiting for this game to come out for over 3 years. Yes, I am one of these gamers that has been waiting. However I am not one to fall for the hype.

So what is GW2? It is a MMO that has made some really cool promises, question is does it keep them? First what are the promises, the video below is there Manifesto on what GW2 was going to do (there promises).

The Guild Wars 2 Promises (there Manifesto)

Those are some pretty Powerful Promises, so where they able to keep them? The Game came out on August 25, 2012 and in less than a month the game has had 2 million+ players purchase the game, in most cases this is considered a success, however we here are not going to let numbers dictate that, no we are going to analyze there Promises.

The Promises

1. Innovation - This one covers a lot of the promises, and basically means they changed the way things work, things will feel new, play differently, and give the players something exciting to play.

Over all I think they did do this, while keeping a familiarity to the game play as to not take away the instinctiveness to MMO controls. I would say that about 80% of this game is innovative, Which is a huge.

2. They said they questioned everything and defy the normal thinking on how MMO's should be.

There are a lot of new and interesting things to do in this game. Jumping puzzles, dungeons that are different each time you enter them, a personal story for your characters, and more. Now all of that is cool but I do not feel they questioned everything, but they did enough that the feels different on many different levels, that makes it interesting.

3. No grind - For those who do not know what grinding is I will explain, It is the repetition of the same actions over and over again, so killing the same mobs over and over, doing the same quest over and over. It is a mind numbing, brain cell killing, energy draining task that makes a game feel like a JOB!!

On this they fell short of the mark, the game is one huge grind, I know I am about to get a lot of Hate for saying that but it is true. Before anyone starts sending me Hate mail let me finish, the grind being talked about is for experience, not gear grinds, since these are 2 different things. The experience grind is there but because the game offers so many way to get experiance that level grinding is fast. Making the grind in this game slightly annoying instead of a mind numbing pain in the "BEEP".

4. Feel like a Hero

Feel like a hero, this is hard to say I think this is a per person basis. When comes to me I do not necessarily feel like a hero but have had some really good times, and accomplishments. Others I know say they hit this on the nail, they will re talk to NPC to see how things have changed for them.

One Thing I do want to point out is the story line did drag me into it, like a good book, it made me want to see more, and drove me forward to level up to get to the next part.

5. They did not say this in the guild wars 2 manifesto but have said it on many occasion, the removal of the Holy Game Trinity. This is the Tank, the Healer and the Damage per second (dps). These 3 types create a team of destructive power .

So they removed these instead replaced it with a new set Support, Control, and Damage, While you may be thinking no change, the thing here is that every class can be each of these, so having a full group of warriors Does not hurt you, just means you have to rethink your strategies a little.

6. Is it a game for the players.

Over all I think they did a great job in this. When you look at the game you are looking at many types of gamers, From casual gamers, to crafters, to the hard core gamer. There is something for everyone of every skill level. The Best part is they kept the promise of NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES!!!

The Professions

This breaks down into 3 tiers with a total of 8 professions.

Soldiers - Heavy Armor Characters

Guardian - A magic wielding warrior

Warrior - Master of weapons

Adventurers - Medium Armor Characters

Engineer - One word comes to mind "Technology"

Ranger - Defender and friend of nature

Thief - Stealth, shadows, and surprise

Scholars - Light Armor Characters

Elementalist - Master of elements

Mesmer - You can't believe what you see

Necromancer -

Death the End? I don't think so

The Races of Guild Wars 2

The Original Guild Wars only had one playable race "Human". Now there are 5 playable races.

Asura - Short, intelligent, and arrogant creatures

Charr - Race of waring feline like creatures

Human - Umm do I really have to describe this one?

Norn - Almost giants they stand tall and proud

Sylvari - A Plant race, newest and youngest of the races in GW2

The Guild wars 2 Story

You would think the story is about the Elder Dragons that are waking up in the game. The truth is the real story is all about are you ready?... The Journey of your character.

While yes your character will go through a lot of the same things others will, one small change in a event can change your characters personal story. You may have saved a orphanage where a friend of yours may have saved a hospital. Its the choices you make and they start right away with how you create your character.

Guild Wars 2 Character Creation

Choosing their race - This affects starting locations, what you look like, racial skills, and personal story.

Choosing their gender - Male or Female so affects what you look like.

Selecting their profession - choose wisely this effects how you will play. Skills, weapons you can use, and the armor you can put on.Customizing their physical appearance - this affects what you will look like.

Writing their biography - this will affect many aspects of your character, and there story.

Naming your character - umm this is what your toon will be called.

Lastly start playing HOORAY!!

GW 2 Content

Guild Wars 2 Guild Bounties The Basics on how to do them effectively.

As Always
Play the Game Your Way

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