Guild Wars 2
Yo Momma...

Guild wars 2 Yo Momma insults and Jokes are here.

Ever wonder how a Asuran insults his friends Let me Show you...

Yo Momma so stupid she asked a human for advice.. OHHH SNAP if you where an Asuran you be Pissed by that.

This page is all about the Jokes and Yo Momma insults that players have come up with. And we want to hear them. So share them with everyone its easy Just fill out the form below and follow the simple instructions.


Think about in the terms of the game, what there race is, how they would act stuff like that.

The shorter normally the better.

Please keep it clean, I know sometimes the dirty stuff is funny but still do keep it clean.

Guild Wars 2 Jokes

Why the Asuran walk across the Lab? His teleportation device was broken.

A Norn, a Charr, and a Asuran are walking in Divinitys Reach when the Norn and Charr walk into a bar... Good thing asurans are short.

Want to hear a bad joke? A Norn walks out of a bar.

Yo Momma GW2 Style

General GW2:

Yo momma is so stupid she tried to use a Sylvari as a toothpick


Yo Momma so stupid, she failed high school physics

Yo Momma so stupid she asked a human for advice


Yo momma so stupid she tried to put the flame legion out with a bucket of water

Yo momma so stupid she chased an Asuran down thinking it was a skritt

Yo Momma says to add a great Guild Wars 2 Yo Momma joke here.

Ok so here are the basics we want to see.

1. Has to be a Guild Wars 2 Yo Momma / joke.

2. If its a Yo Momma let us know what race would use it Example : -Charr- Yo Momma is so stupid she tried to put the flame legion out with a bucket of water.

3. Any just jokes need to be based around the game and keep it clean Please. Example : A Norn, a Charr and a Asuran are all walking in Divinity's Reach, When the Charr and Norn walk into a bar... Good thing Asurans are Short.

Enter Your Guild Wars 2 Joke / Yo Momma insult

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