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The Guild Wars 2 Guardian at first look...

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may seem to be like the Warrior but when you take a closer inspection you quickly discover this profession has a lot to offer. Not only is this class strong in melee fighting but has the use of magic. While one can mistakenly call this class a Paladin, You would be partially right.

The Guild Wars 2 Guardian is so much more than your typical Pally. While both have similar functions, Keeping allies alive, tanking, and support, the Guardian takes this one step further and actually does Dps while doing all of the before mentioned. How many pallys do that?

Since Guild Wars 2 is not having dedicated healers like many games, the guardian is going to be one of the professions that will be closest to a healer. Playing a Guardian gives you the power of destruction and life all while wearing heavy Armor.

Playing a Guild Wars 2 Guardian

Every group is going to want a Guardian, and who wouldn't ? Support abilitys, dps, and they do it all in heavy armor. Having a guardian in your group gives your group unique ways to mitigate damage, they also have ways to allow the group to constantly heal. While all this alone would not be able to keep your group alive when you put it all together it creates a effective defense.

All this means is having a Guild Wars 2 Guardian with you for PvP or PvE, who has decided to spec a little more in Support skills can keep your group healthy and alive.

There is 1 questions that will affect your story (sorta).

"As a symbol of my dedication, I wear _____."

This question determines a piece of armor your Guild Wars 2 Guardian starts with.

Conqueror's Pauldrons - A famed hero returning from battle stopped and gave me his pauldrons. Ever since, I've worn them as my own, and I make every attempt to live up to his legend. I too will be a conqueror.

Fanatic's Pauldrons - Long ago, I determined my path, and nothing will sway me from it. I am stalwart in my beliefs and immovable in my loyalties. The weight of my pauldrons reminds me of the burden I carry.

Visionary's Helm - Tyria is bigger than we know and filled with mystery. This helm is open, allowing me to see with clarity. With it, I will seek the world's greater truths that others fear to explore.

Guardian Skills


Courage - Grants Aegis every 40 seconds. (Blocks 1 hits worth of damage) / Activate: Grant Aegis to yourself and nearby allies.

Justice - Burn foes with every 5th attack. / Activate: Gives burning to you and your nearby allies next attack.

Resolve - Regenerates health. / Activate: Heal yourself and nearby allies.

Guild Wars 2 Guardian Utility Skills

Costs 1 skill Point

Wall of Reflection -Protect the targeted area with a wall of mystic power that reflects projectiles.

Smite Condition - Remove a condition and damage nearby foes. More damage if a condition is removed. Can be used while stunned.

Retreat - Grant aegis and swiftness to up to five nearby allies.

Bane Signet - Passive: Improved Power. / Active: Knock down and damage your foe.

Signet of Judgement -Passive: Reduces incoming damage. / Active: Grant retaliation to nearby allies.

Hammer of Wisdom - Summon an arcane hammer to defend you. / Active: Knock down your Foe, Hammer is destroyed.

Sword of Justice - Summon an arcane sword to defend you. / Active: Damages nearby foes. This destroys the sword.

Costs 3 skill Point

Purging Flames - Create a ring of fire that Burns enemies and removes conditions from allies.

Contemplation of Purity - Remove all conditions from yourself and turn them into boons.

Judge's Intervention - Teleport to your target and burn nearby foes.

Stand Your Ground - Grant stability to yourself and allies.

Signet of Wrath - Passive: Grants you increased condition damage.
Active: Immobilize your target.

Bow of Truth - Summon an arcane bow to remove conditions from you and your allies. Active: Fires a barrage of healing arrows at its location. This destroys the Bow.

Costs 6 skill Point

Wall of Reflection

Elite Skills

Renewed Focus - Costs 10 - Focus, making yourself invulnerable and recharging your virtues.

Tome of Courage - Costs 30 - Locks you in place but grants you powerful support spells.

Tome of Wrath - Costs 10 - Locks you in place but grants you powerful offensive spells.

Guild Wars 2 Guardian Downed Skills


Wrath - Focus a wrathful light ray on your foe.

Symbol of Judgement - Draw a symbol on the ground that heals allies and damages foes.

Purifying Light - Push nearby foes back with a flash of light.

Bandage - Call your allies for help. Restores health while you channel it. Interrupted by damage.


Shackle - Shackle your foe to cripple them.

Reveal the Depths - Damage foes in an area that grows larger.

Renewing Current - Escape up towards the surface.

Bandage - Call your allies for help. Restores health while you channel it. Interrupted by damage.

The Guild Wars 2 Guardian as you can see from the skills is a profession that can adapt to a support role fairly easily and back to one doing damage in a instant making this one of my favorite Professions in the game.

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