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Guild building is not normally...
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to complicated but it does require a bit of in-game money to get going and normally a few players that want to help start the guild.

This is a >general guide to making a guild some step may be in a different order or excluded all together depending on the game.

Steps to Guild Building

First step is deciding that you want to make a guild and be the Guild Leader, Since you are reading this I'm taking it as you want to create a guild.

Deciding on a guild name

Your guild name cant be changed normally, so take careful thought about what you want. If you chose one against the game polices, you may wake up one day and see the guild name changed to something else, example: bad word pink ninnies might become Fluffy Pink Bunnies or some dumb version of it. So make sure its appropriate be for submitting it.

Paying for it

Yep you gotta pay to create your guild. The amount varies from each game.You need to have all the money when you go to make your guild. So make sure you have farmed enough to pay for it.

You may even have to pay for your guild emblem. And that is another thing that will take some time get it right because changing it will cost you too.

Guild building will require you to have players who want to help make your guild.

Most games require you to have players who want to start the guild with you, not all games do but most do. So what do you do if you don’t have people who want to start it with you? You can ask random people who are not in a guild to help you start one, even pay them to help.

Ok your guild is now open for business, but there is still more work to be done.

Ranks in the guild

Most guilds use a tier system for members. If you are lucky the game your playing will have more than 3 tiers. So now is the time to decide on officers. Officers are your right hand players they should be experienced players and helpful. If you can name the ranks do so now and be creative.

Promoting players

Now is the time to decide on how you will promote players to higher tiers in the guild.

The Rules

Deciding on the guild rules now will allow players to decide if they want to be in your guild or not. This will also save a lot of headaches later on.

Are you going to make it a large guild or small, this is up to you.

Finding an alliance

This is very important because if your alliance doesn’t have the same ideas as you and your guild members they will leave.

Make a guild motto that way your guild knows what is expected you don’t want a bad reputation, players will place reps on a guild as a whole due to the players in it. The motto I use is, "Keep it Clean" or "No Rep is Better than a BAD Rep". This doesn’t mean your guild has to sparkle, just means when players see you they don’t say don’t group with him he is in that guild that..... I personally don’t like that hanging over my head or my guilds head.

You may need to recruit players into your guild as well.

The guild hall or house

This too will require a bit of in-game money. First you will need to decide a location for it. Once you have chosen your hall / house. You are going to need to upgrade it by purchasing stuff for it. Merchants, maybe things you can place around the hall like pictures and trophies.

I'm sure you have noticed it's getting expansive. Some games allow a guild fee, which is automatically taken while the player is out farming, or when they get gold drops. It's up to you if your going to use this but if you do, you may want to have a reason for the fee. One good reason is if the hall has weekly or monthly payments. Another is it will be used for guild outings to purchase stuff for the guild.As you can see there is a lot to guild building but it is well worth it. I suggest you join a guild before you start your own to see what it's like. Then when you make your own you can do the things you liked and not the ones you didn't.

For a step by step Guild Building Guide Click the link. Did you know that most guilds don't make it past a year? So preparing for a guild is key. So having a guide will help.

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