Guild Bounties
Basics to Victory

Guild Bounties are one of several guild content missions that was added to Guild Wars 2. These missions can offer decent rewards to those who do them while also helping the guild as a whole by completing them for guild influence.

In order to give your guild its best chance at completing these Guild missions, there are a few things each player can do  to help complete them, as well as certain strategy's that can be used to increase the chance of success.

Basics 101

The first few tips that are going to be thrown out for Guild Bounties are fairly common sense things, and should apply to any size guild doing any of the tiers of the bounties.

  • VOIP - Your going to want to use one of these, This is teamspeak, mumble, ventrillo, or any other that allows you to speak to your guild quickly and easily.
  •  1 Person in charge, to many people telling players what to do is going to get confusing really fast.
  • One person should be talking at a time, keeping the chat clear allows everyone to know what is going on and get the info .
  • When linking where to Go also give a Description on where to Go, example South West of (waypoint) If there is a land mark add that in.
  • Have your Game Plan Laid out and everyone knows what it is

This brings us to bounty stratagies. A quick little point here larger guilds will a greater chance and more options open to them than smaller guilds, so if your looking to get some easy commendations joining a larger guild may offer you these opportunity's.


At the moment there are 2 Viable Strategies.

The first of which is  the scout and start method, this is popular with larger guilds. The way this works is you have players in all the zones looking for  all the possible targets. Once found all at the targets that are not part of the guild bounty converge on the actual targets. This method works great for larger guilds, smaller guilds will find that this is time consuming and  will often times not be able to cover every zone.

Which Brings us to the 2nd method, Speed Search, While The first one offers a high chance of success, it does take forever for smaller guilds. This method is much better suited to smaller guilds with better communication. The Way this one works is The Guild Starts up the bounty. Once you know Who they are, You send Your 4 fastest seekers to the Area in the 4 Corners (or closest to corners).

Then they start there search like Normal. This is best done If you can get 4 players per bounty, so 2 bounties you need minimum of 8 seekers, 4 on each. If you can get 8 seekers on each bounty you can send 2 to each corner and have them search in opposite direction.

What this does is makes the searches fairly quick depending on the zone, and by doubling the players seeking you cut the time drastically.

Player basics

For Guild Bounties to be quick and easy every player needs to know how to search properly. One of the biggest Problems I see players doing in a bounty is seeking in the direction the guy travels. While yes you do travel faster than they do you are not being time efficient.  You need to travel in the path opposite of what they walk so that you and the bounty run into each other.

Second big thing is I see players seeking there target at normal run speed. What the "BEEP"? Seriously ever Class/Profession has some run speed skills. The only one that can possibly get away with Normal run speed is the Mesmer For sadly they have the fewest run skills and the recharge on the one they control is pretty sad.  There is going to be More on Run skills in the future on this page So if you Think Your Class cant run fast for seeking Purposes Keep tuned Right Here.

Guild Bounties Can Only be Successful if everyone works together and knows what there doing More to Come in the future so no one can say I cant do BLAH Blahh.

As Always
Play the Game Your Way

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