What is a Group Build?

A group build is when you and a few of your buddies decide to form a... (article continues below)

team. You and them make your builds to work well with one another to allow for greater success. Every player will have a specific job too do. These team builds are made by gamers who group together often, and are willing to find the best builds for the group through testing.

Every player will have there own play style and after gaming with each other you learn each others play style and become a strong team.

The Eight Player Group

The eight man group is normally the maximum number of characters you can have in a group. This build has the most flexibility for group making.Just as in a four player group you are going to want the same types of balance for maximum performance.For this I suggest two to three healers, two to three tanks, two casters, and one puller.

As in the other groups healers heal and buff, tanks hold the aggro, casters will be the crowd control, and rouges you will normally pull.

This group can handle the most mobs at a time 10 or more, as well as taking on all but the most powerful of mob bosses.

The basic builds for this group:

Healer - In this group build you are main goal is to heal, a few buffs but healing is your main concern. As always a rez is a must. If there are 3 healers in this group one needs to be the main healer. The others will be back up healers with one being a main buffer. If just 2 healers then 1 will be the main healer, the other will be the main buffer while being the backup healer.

Tank - The tank should possess mainly damage skills, have a way to protect your healer or group member, and if you have a way to heal yourself that is always a bonus. If possible a way to rez. If your using 3 tanks one need to be main tank. The main tanks job is to hold the aggro. The other 2 are to grab any adds that attack while helping do damage. If only 2 tanks same thing 1 main tank, other catches the adds.

Caster - Your job will be crowd control, as much as possible and then you can help deal the damage. What you mainly want to do is slow down or stop the mobs from getting to your group. allowing your main damage dealers to destroy the mobs 1 at a time. Your group build should be about the crowd control and adding more damage. If there are 2 casters in the group, one should play main crowd control , the other back up for stragglers.

Rouge - Most likely you will be the puller, your job is to go out find the mobs and bring them back to the group. Once you have done that let the tanks grab the aggro, then you help destroy. Your going to want some damage and a way to run a bit faster for pulling.

This group build is all about communication and with out it your group will not work well as a team. Using gamer talk to speed up the typing is great, but things can still be misunderstood. So picking a leader and following his lead is a must. At the same time he needs to know when to listen and when to take advice. Its never good to have a leader in such a rush, that the players who use magic don’t have time to regain it before going after the next group.

There are programs that allow you to talk to each other, while playing the game. These programs are usually very small and will take your group to new heights. Your communication is normally faster, allowing for better strategies. Only use this if everyone can at least hear what is being said, and the program does not slow the game down for anyone, to were they have a harder time of playing do to lag.

Please realize that every online game is different, and so that these builds may change slightly. But the general idea is there.

Well...? what are you waiting for grab 7 buddies and start building your ultimate group build.

As Always

Play The Game Your Way


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