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What are Girl Games? They are games marketed...
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to female gamers. You may find that many people think its all about cute, dressup, or casual games. Truth to be told any game can be for both male and female.

Female gamers are becoming a serious thought process in many games. I know many female gamers that are into war games, fighting games, mmorpgs, and many other games that have been thought to be predominantly male games. Yet there are still those who like the normal thoughts on female games.

So this page is for those who like the Dressup games. I put a few other games here that are found in other sections as well to give it a little mix. Check out the other games because a Gamer is a Gamer no matter if your male or female.

You will notice a quick review and difficulty ratings to let you know my thoughts on the games themselves (Played them all). So have fun.

To play any of the free online flash games just click the picture of the game (It may take a few seconds for them to load so please be patient) They will open in a new window.

Girl Games

Aengie Quest This isometric puzzle game lets you push boxes, push switches, collect keys and more. The objective is to reach the exit of each level. Each level will become more and more difficult good luck. Review- Great puzzle game, will get you thinking one problem with it is you can't change your view and this can make it difficult to maneuver around. Difficulty Moderate Starts off Really Easy and will become Very Hard.

Baby Penguin Dress up a baby penguin. Review- Your basic dressup Girl Game with a very cute baby penguin. Difficulty Easy

Eye Witness Think your good with faces, have a great memory? put it to the test with this game, several features you have to remember about the person you just saw, then you get to recreate him. What did he look like again? Review- This is a great game to increase your awareness. Difficulty Easy - Moderate

Fairy Dressup Another dressup game but this one is with a Moon Princess Fairy. Review- Your basic dressup game This one is with a Moon Fairy. Difficulty Easy

Fashion Star Another dressup game with a added feature, you can be judged on your fashion sense. Review- This one is the most interesting of the dressup games so far I have seen. Difficulty Easy

Math Dressup Another dressup game This one has a little twist if you want to have access to all the clothing you have to solve all the math problems. Review - The math problems are not to hard and are a great way for any who like dressup games to get some practice in math. Difficulty Easy

Mushroom Nymph Dressup game with another Fairy. Review - Just a basic Dressup Girl Game. Difficulty Easy

Star Bound The objective is to help this little fallen star to jump all the way back into space. The game offers 3 stages: forest, sky and finally in space. Review- Get ready to be jumping it starts off pretty but as the game gets going it gets a bit trickier. Difficulty Easy to Moderate

Stickman Dressup Dressup game with a stickman. Review- I will admit it I kind of like this one its a bit silly which is why I like it. Difficulty Easy

Teddy Run You run a teddy bear factory and your job is make teddy bears as fast as you can trick though is to make the one shown then make the next. Review- This free online flash game is real easy just take your time and put the bears together correctly. Difficulty Easy

Thinger Slinger In this free online flash game your a boy blob trying to get to your blob girlfriend you have to bounce your way to her. you shoot your self into walls trying to bounce to her. 10 bounces before you have to try again. Review - One of my favorite games. Its about angles and a bit of luck. Difficulty Easy

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