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sometimes be hard to get. Will they like the game? Do they have the game? There are many more questions that pop up and they are because possibly your not a gamer. There are questions like what is an expansion? Is this game ok for my child to play? Yes, the questions just keep coming and soon you want to scream.

So where do you start? Right here we will go over a few tips then some suggestions.

Gifts For Gamers Tips

  • First thing is to know if the game is ok for the gamer you are buying the game for, so get to know the ratings. They will help you determine if the game is ok for the person you are buying for.
  • Knowing that you can download games directly from a site to your computer is very handy because you don't have to go to a store to pick up the game. The gamer you are buying a game for can help choose the game that way you won't accidentally buy a duplicate game. Hey you will save some money on gas and that's a nice plus. You can find games to download from Direct2Drive.

  • If you like going to the stores, have your gamer make a list of games he/she has and/or would like to have. Make sure he or she writes out the full name of the game and not the abbreviation we gamers use. The reason for this is you may not be able to figure out what it is on the list. Here is an example that I'm talking about:GW, GWEN, WOW, WAR each of these are games, but without knowing the games like a gamer you may get confused.

    GW is Guild Wars, GWEN is Guild Wars Eye of the North, WoW is World of Warcraft, and WAR is Warhammer, lol, as you can see sometimes the abbreviation can drive you bonkers. If you do get an abbreviation go up to the counter were the games are and ask a employee there, better yet look for a gamer they will be able to help you in the right direction.

  • This tip is really important, know the stats on your computer. Games have minimum requirements to play games, so here again it might be a good idea to have the gamer or someone you know come over see what the stats are on your computer or the computer the game will be on, to be sure it will work. Here again go to a electronics employee with your list if your not sure if a game will play on your system.

Gifts for Gamers, Some Suggestions

These gifts for gamers are some quick easy things one can pick up that gamers can use or will end up needing sooner or later.

A new Mouse - Not talking about a live mouse here, lol, but a computer mouse, there several good ones out there, the best bet is to see which one they are using and pick up one like it for them. Gamers can go through several a year.

New Keyboard - Just like the mouse a keyboard wears down over time and having a new one when this happens is always nice. Here again seeing what type the gamer is using is a good bet.

The 2 suggestions above are great, but if you want to really get them a superb mouse and keyboard ask them what kind they really would like to have. There are several gaming mice and keyboards out there that enhance the gaming experience. Some of these work better on certain games because they were designed for those games.

Game Cards - These cards will pay for the subscription to the game for a while, but they are for specific games, so before you buy one make sure your gamer has an account for that game and still plays it.

Rent Games - I know this sounds a bit odd but this would allow him to test out some game before buying it, which is always a good thing.

Gifts for Gamers - Money Saving Tips

These tips will save you a little money, time, or both.

When buying a games, look for combo packs, where they have the game and at least one expansion, they will usually be cheaper than buying the two separately, but always check because you might be surprised. I myself have walked away with a nice savings when buying separately.

Order the game online, some even directly download the game to the computer, this saves time and money.

Buy the newest game a few months later. When games first come out they are the most expensive, by waiting a few months the chances of it dropping a few bucks is likely.There are a few days every year that prices drop, and these days happen every year around the same time.The Friday after Thanksgiving. The Monday after Thanksgiving also know as Cyber Monday (this one is online so you don’t even have to leave the house). Then the week before and after Christmas you will find some great deals.

One more Tip, I suggest you check out Saving Money Makes Cents. This sight has tips for saving money and some great holiday ideas that will save you some extra cash so you can buy that online game you been wanting or start saving for next year.

Feel free to check out the Game'N Your Way Store Its powered by Amazon and is set up with gifts for gamers, that I'm sure they will like. or if you prefer just click the banner here to go directly to

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