Gate of Madness
Rally the gods

Few basics about - Gate of Madness...
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When I speak of bonus I am talking about masters bonus which is harder of the 2 to get. Bonus's are Masters (hardest), Expert (moderate).

Suggested Hero's and Henchmen to Bring: this will be what I have found most effective, and will take it as you have all the hero's.

General Tips

Set all hero's to the shield (defense) that way they do not attack unless they are attacked or you attack. I like to set my healing hero's to passive so they don't attack just heal.

-Gate of Madness (mission)-

Hero's Needed for you party- -none -

Objective's Destroy the Undead Lich, and Shiro Tagachi

BONUS Rally the 5 gods

Suggested Level Level 20

Suggested Hero's and Henchmen to Bring

Warrior - Very important he gonna help you get the bonus

Monk - healing

Ritualist - heal / spammer

Friends Heros for hard mode

Monk - healing

Ritualist -spammer / healer

Ranger - interrupt


Monk, Tank, Elementalist, Mesmer

Leet Skills that can be captured here

Class - Boss Name - Leet Skill

Warrior - Champion Puran - Magehunter's Smash
Elementalist - Curator Kali - Invoke Lightning

Gate of Madness Walk Through

Going to ask the gods for help but in order to do that you need to get to the shrine. You will notice yet again another environmental effect against your entire party, this one reduces healing by 15%, and the mobs do hit hard so bringing extra healing is a good idea. This mission is full of margonites and torment creatures so Light Bringer Gaze is handy in many situations.

Take on groups one at a time to make going though this level much easier, as well if you take on titans one at a time.

As you continue moving you will come to a point were you will see 2 torment claws and after that there are 3 wraiths after defeating them, move everyone down to a safe spot, while one runs up the hill to start the Shiro rant moment he starts run back down you will see a gate open and make sure everyone is away from it and no spirits are up. Once the Shiro'ken mobs move by slip by and wait (tip here do not kill the ritual or the Shiro'ken mobs will come back down).

Taking down the portals is gonna be the hardest part because the portals respawn mobs. Many of the mobs wonder around as well so you have to watch your back as well. So if you can pull the portal wraiths to you do that because once there dead the portal closes and no more respawns from the rift. ( if your using the group set up I suggest set up spirits then pull) The wraiths have aoe so be careful they can easily defeat a person quickly. So once you walk through the gate The Lich starts his rant wait for it to end. If you follow the path on the map which takes you along the north/northwest wall. You will have a easier time this way. TAKE YOUR TIME this mission is not a race against time so take your time.

Once all portals are closed a gate that leads to the Lich and Shiro is now open. Best way to take these 2 on is run in kill the lich run out. Then set up to take out shiro near the gate entrance.

Getting The Bonus for Gate of Madness

Ok so you want the bonus, easiest way to do this is use a warrior to hold shiro at the gate entrance have a healer there to keep him alive while the rest of the group sneaks in and rallies the gods. The way this is done is set up the monk far enough away that they can heal with out shiro going after them the warrior will need to be close enough to the gate to have shiro aggro him. Once shiro is on the warrior, everyone but the monk and warrior run in and capture the shrines to rally gods.

Playing Gate of Madness in Hard Mode Hard mode is the same strategy only difference are the mobs are lot tougher especially the bosses. ( may want to have a 2nd healer helping keep warrior alive in Hard Mode)

Gate of Madness mission map, shows were the bonus  is

Gate of Madness Tips

The main thing here is not to aggro more than you can handle at a time, watch your hero's closely.

You may want to pull to your group than to rush into the battle.

This is not a timed mission so take your time.

Lightbringer gaze is handy to have.

The Gate of Madness Hero Builds

Tweek the builds to what skills you have but try to keep the concept of the build intact.

-Warrior -

Barbarous Slice, Sun and Moon Slash, Savage Slash, Hundred Blades, Symbolic Strike, Lion's Comfort, Signet of Strength, Resurrection Signet Concept

Concept Damage build (though you may want to switch a skill or too to allow him to blind Shiro)

-Monk -

Signet of Devotion, Signet or Rejuvenation, Orison of Healing, Words of Comfort, Watchful Healing, Cure Hex, Light of Deliverance, Resurrection Chant

Concept This is just your basic heal monk, healing is the priority here. Make sure this monk is on passive.

-Ritualist -

Ritualist build that can damage and heal

Bloodsong, signet of Spirits, Agony, Rejuvenation, Signet of Rejuvenation, Ghostmirror Light, Patient Spirit,Resurrection Chant

Concept Allows for heals while also spamming spirits

-Friends Hero's-


Signet of Devotion, Signet or Rejuvenation, Orison of Healing, Words of Comfort, Watchful Healing, Cure Hex, Light of Deliverance, Resurrection Chant

Concept This is just your basic heal monk, healing is the priority here. Make sure this monk is on passive. (Same one as above.)


an interrupt ranger build

Broad Head Arrow, Disrupting Shot, Savage Shot, Leech Signet, Signet of Clumsiness, Signet of Distraction, Energy Tap, Resurrection Signet

Concept A basic Interrupt build great for stopping many bosses from casting there hard hitting spells.


Ritualist build that  can damage and heal Version 2

Pain, Shadowsong, Union, Preservation, Ghostmirror Light, Signet of Rejuvenation, Patient Spirit, Boon of Creation

Concept Mostly for healing with a small amount of offense.

I do suggest bringing a friend along in hard mode for Gate of Madness because the hero's will work far better than the henchmen who seem to enjoy grabbing extra aggro. Also consumables can be handy in this mission.

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